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We’ve heard much that sleeping with wet hair can make us sick. However, more and more people are having tendency of ignoring this important thing. Little do you realize that sleeping when your hair is still wet is a really bad habit. It can lead to many bad effects that are extremely harmful to your hair as well as your health. What are they?

Hair breakage

After a hard-working day, you feel that it is necessary to make your hair clean before going to bed. You decide to have a shampoo. However, things become more difficult when you are too tired to make your hair dry. Not thinking too much, you go to bed.

It cannot be denied that your hair will soon break in this situation. Often, hair is weakest when it is wet. If you let it wet when you are sleeping, friction causes the wet hair to break easily.

It can make you sick

Sleeping with wet hair, especially when it is winter or the air conditioner is on, can easily make you sick because you will feel colder in this situation.

More time to style your hair 

Tomorrow, when you get up, you will find out that your hair is in bad condition. Even, you cannot determine what shape of your hair will be at that time. This means you need much more time for your styling hair before going out.


The amount of bacteria on your head can completely be multiplied when your hair is in the same warmth and dampness. As a result, dandruff is formed. In addition, sleeping with wet hair strips the natural oil away from your hair and make your hair dry. At this time, dandruff can comfortably live in your scalp.


Do you believe that? Sleeping when your hair is still wet can also cause acne. This is a corresponding result when your hair is wet and therefore, the pillow is full of bacteria. Bacteria is always ready to attack you anytime and acne comes.

What should you do?

In fact, the solution is simple. We highly recommend that you should shampoo your hair about two or three hours before going to bed. This will give you enough time to make sure that your hair is dry. Besides, if your situation makes you shampoo late at night, try to make it dry. A fan or a hairdryer is for you. However, remember to use hairdryer at a suitable temperature, avoiding high heat.

Are you worry about those effects? We deeply hope that you can pay more attention to your hair. Protecting your hair is you are protecting your health. It’s our happiness to help you get the best hairstyle for your new look.