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In modern society, purple is usually known as a typical hair color for those who like to be more stylish, dynamic and youthful. In the application of combining colors together, there is a problem drawing much attention: “What happens if I put brown dye on purple hair?” Read our blog to find your answer.

What is the combination of brown and purple?

Generally, brown and blue are listed in the group of secondary color, in which purple is the combination of red and blue whereas brown is made of red and green. As a result, when you decide to put these two colors together, please notice that the third color created by them will not be completely different to the original. This new color will get shades of both brown and purple hair, which is quite strange and attractive.

In another expression, people call the combination of brown and purple a special name: “puce”. You can realize this color in a color which contains some red shade. It is darker than both brown and purple.

What affect the process of putting brown on purple hair?

Do not be surprised when you discover that all the things above are just considered in the aspect of theory. In fact, there are many factors affecting your putting brown dye on purple hair. What are they?

Firstly, it is brown colorant, one of the most popular colorants in the modern hair market. It is constituted by three main substances consisting of ammonia, peroxide and colorants. Each substance owns a different use to your dye process.

Among those factors, ammonia is the substance which can be found much in eyes. When it breaks down the cuticle of the hair, you will find it easier to let the dyed color stick in your own hair. However, when hair cuticle lose, hair becomes more vulnerable. That is the reason why in many situation, your hair turns weaker after bring dyed.

In addition, your own hair’ characteristics are important things deciding a success in your hair dye. When your hair is in a high quantity of moisture, the dye will be attached to your hair more easily. When hair is thick, you need more dye.

Also, you should know more about your hair type and hair shape. When you are having a rounded hair, you will get little damages in the dye process. Flat hair will increase the area of contact with the colorant. That colorant penetrates profoundly into the hair core irregularly will bring damage to the hair. Sometimes, the result is not the color you want.

To conclude, it is completely not easy for you to determine what happens if you put brown dye on purple hair. However, please note all the factors related to this process because they are important things that can help you choose the most suitable way to dye your hair. Good luck!