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Have you been starting out your days with these lousy mornings lately? Your child keeps scratching her head, and then the next day your scalp starts to get itchy as well? High chances are that you and your daughter will need a day off because seems like you’re feeding those nasty little creatures, or shall I call them head lice. Of all lice types, head lice are the most commonly associated with outbreaks, and apparently trying to get the lice out of your daughter/son’s scalp with your fatal fingernails won’t do much. As much to our concern, we’ve done some search to find out what do lice look like in blonde hair and ways to remove them, so make sure that you read till the end to have the best treatments once infested.

  1. What Do Lice Look Like in Blonde Hair?

If you want to get the best ways to remove lice, you must identify the forms of lice first. There are 3 stages of head lice – nits, nymphs, and adult lice. Nits, or lice eggs, have the typical size of relatively 0.5mm with an oval shape. They are usually attached on the hair cuticles. Thanks to a special substance, they stick tightly to the strands and super hard to remove. The color of nits varies from brown to yellow, sometimes translucent. Nymphs are the shells left after the nits hatched. Most times, nymphs are yellow with a pinhead size. They become lice within a 6-day period. The last stage is adult lice, living off and thriving on human blood, once they are separated from the hosts, they’ll die in a few hours as they starve. Generally, head lice are harmless, but who would want an infestation of head lice when it’s very inconvenient and irritating – basically a pain in the neck.

Blonde hair can be considered the easiest color to identify lice. The contrast between the lighter shade of your blonde and the dark color of lice will make it more visible to find lice and nits. The tip is to expose your blonde out of the light offers a huge contrast as the nits look brown on your hair. For adult lice, their color changes when they suck your blood, so you may want to catch those lice as soon as they have your blood. Having said that, lice reproduce at an extremely rapid speed, so what we do to get rid of them once and forever?

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  1. Ways to Remove Lice

#1 Listerine & Vinegar

One way to remove lice is to make use of the available materials at home. All you need is a bottle of Listerine and vinegar.

First, you want to start with soaking your hair in Listerine then cover it with a scarf for half an hour. After that, rinse your hair with warm water, most adult lice are killed during the process. The next step is to pour vinegar directly on your head so that it’s drenched in vinegar. Massage your scalp thoroughly before rinsing out the vinegar with warm water. The chemicals contained in vinegar will dissolve the special substance that keeps nits attached on your tresses, thus they will eventually fall out when rinsed with water. Once you rinse your hair, pick up your lice comb to remove any nits or lice left on your hair.

You can also go for some conditioner after the routine to relive pain and rush when removing the lice. The conditioner deeper moisturize your locks and offers a smoother look for your hair. Once you finished washing your hair, spray a light layer of Listerine on your hair before going to bed to prevent lice coming back. You can either leave it until the next wash or you can wash it the following morning.

#2 Lice Shampoo

In fact, there are plenty of lice shampoo brands spread and wide in the market nowadays. However, most of these products can completely wipe out lice. Therefore, should you go for a lice shampoo, consider combining with using vinegar. Here is how you apply this way to remove lice:

Just as the first method, soak your hair in vinegar then wash it with water. Most lice and nits have been destroyed up to the point. Use your lice comb and brush all parts of your hair – from roots to tips. Wash your hair again with your lice shampoo and use your nit comb again to make sure all lice are removed. After drying your hair, you may want to check it again and see if there are any lice left. If there are, repeat the routine once again.  

#3 Tea Tree Oil

It may be harder to figure out what do lice look like in darker shades of hair as sometimes lice are mistaken with dandruff or residue. In this case, it’s best that you have the head lice treatments when symptoms are detected. However, immediate chemical usage won’t be a good idea when you’re unsure whether you have lice. Or, you have used all the chemical treatments yet lice aren’t going away. Therefore, we’re giving you this natural treatment to get rid of lice with less risk of skin irritation. The method involves your conditioner, combs – both the lice comb and the normal one, and tea tree oil. This is how you do it:

First of all, add a few drops of the tea tree oil to your conditioner and mix them well in your palm (You can also alternate coconut oil instead of the conditioner). Apply the mixture to your dry hair, make sure to get to your scalp where the lice hide to ensure you can slaughter them all later. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes until the lice let go of their grip on your strands. After that, you may want to detangle your hair with regular combs and part it into segments. Use the nit comb to comb each section thoroughly as guided above. Use white tissue or paper towel to wipe your comb. This way, you may find out if you’re having lice or nits. Repeat the process for a few days until there’re no nits and lice found on your comb.

Applying natural methods can be time-consuming, but it’s the most effective and reliable fix for treating head lice. Should you are not willing to spend your time and attempt to treat lice, make sure that you make efforts to prevent them beforehand. As head lice frequently happen in schools or public places, make sure you and your children have your hair checked daily. Stay sanity and keep your hairstyle as neat as possible. You can also invest in some anti-nit spray to help deter head lice and add tea tree oils to your hair wash routine.

We hope our article on what do lice look like in blonde hair and ways to remove them can be useful to you. If any of you have experienced the same issue, make sure to share your stories in the comment section. Should you enjoy posts like this, check out our website Apostore for more great hair tips.