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Thick hair and thin hair? Which hair type is your choice? We deeply understand that if there is a chance to select, you would say that you love a thick and strong hair. However, because of the fact that the thickness of the hair depends on each person, you cannot choose yourself the thickness you love. Right now, stop feeling sad as there are many ways you can apply to achieve a perfect hairstyle, regardless of any hair type you are owning. All secrets about the difference between thick and thin hair will somehow help you come up with the best decision.

thick and thin hair

Hair density

Why do we mention hair density here? Well, to get the best understanding of the differences between thick and thin hair, you need to learn about hair density, thickness measurements, the way thick and thin hair respond to different haircuts and also, some general trends determining hair thickness.

hair density

What is “hair density”? Hair density refers to the number of hairs on the head. This is also the main basis for us to determine if the hair is thin or thick. While thick hair has a higher density, the density of thin hair is lower.

How to know hair density? Density, in fact, is determined according to the number of hairs on one square inch of the head. According to research, humans have about 2,200 hair per square inch. If you have more than 2,200 hair strands, you are having thicker hair. In contrast, if that number is less, you have thinner hair. It is commonly known that those will thicker hair will have more follicles than those with thin hair. 

the thickness of human hair

How to measure the thickness of the hair?

If you have to measure how thick your hair is, what will you do? Count the hair strands on your head?  Never. Even you are really patient, counting the number of hair strands is extremely difficult and we believe that you will not have enough patience to do this as it takes a lot of time. Often, counting hair strands is implemented in some scientific research. So, how can you determine the thickness of your hair? Actually, you can use a quite simple technique to measure. If your hair is long enough to be gathered and tied into a ponytail, the circumference of that ponytail will indicate the thickness of the hair, pointing out thick hair and thin hair.

thick hair or thin hair

It is common that thin hair will have a circumference of 2 inches or less and thick hair will get the circumference of 4 or more inches around. In case you get a measurement in between, this means you have “normal” hair (not notably thick or thin).

thinning hair


straight hair for thick hair

Straight hairstyle for thick hair

A haircut is also an effective way for you to find out the difference between thick and thin hair. If you have thick hair, a layer cut hairstyle would bring you an attractive look. So, what hairstyle is for thin hair? Thin hair is suitable with a blunter cut, where all hairs fall the same length. You should note that thin hair will take well to curling and styles that add volume. Thick hair is suitable with a straighter hairstyle. Too much volume is a big problem with thick hair as it will make the hair look thicker and thicker. And it would certainly an interesting experience if you are having a too thick hair while your face is small.

wavy hairstyle for thin hair

Wavy hairstyle for thin hair

How to tell if you have thick hair

You can look at many different factors to decide if your hair is thick or thin.

There are many hairs shedding: Regardless of the products you use to keep the hair in place, your hair grows and also sheds too much.

You need more time to dry the hair: this is one more way to distinguish thick hair vs thin hair. Often, it takes a quite short time to dry the hair after you have washed it if you have thin or normal thickness. For thick hair, you need some more minutes for the drying process. This is uncomfortable, especially when you are in a hurry or you don’t want to use a hairdryer too long.

thick hair

You need to use the conditioner to smoothen the hair: You may realize that the thickness of the hair goes hand in hand with the coarseness. That’s why you need to condition the hair regularly to make it manageable.

Thick hair is hard to manage in during hot temperatures. In this situation, you might even have your scalp sweating profusely. Also, some hairstylists shy away from working on thick hair as it consumes a lot more time. Even, it is really difficult for you to wash your hair in the morning before going to work as you are going to walking around in wet hair at that time.

How to get thicker hair when you have thin hair?

Although both thick hair and thin hair own different pros and cons, a lot of people dream of thick and beautiful hair. Here, we recommend some methods that can help you get the best volume to your natural hair.

thicker hair

Using different thickeners: Some natural oils such as coconut oil, avocado oil and argan oil will help give body to the hair. Those products will gradually make your hair appear healthy and full.

Choosing suitable hairstyles

If you have thin hair, you should not think about straight hair as this texture will show how the hair is thin. The best options you should try are waves and curls. Wavy and curly hairstyles will help you achieve an immediate increase in the body of the hair.

Deep condition

Deep condition the hair is effective as it helps nourish your hair. In addition, it adds moisture to the hair and nourishing vitamins.

Use hair extensions

using hair extensions

There is no doubt that using hair extensions is the quickest way for you to add length and volume to your hair. There are thousands of types of hair extensions in the market so you can choose yourself the one that suits your thin hair. Apostore possesses many types of human hair extensions which brings you a new look with a new hairstyle.

thick hair or thin hair

Thick to thin hair, each type of hair get their own features. If you are having thick and healthy hair, keep on taking care of your hair. If you are losing your confidence due to thin hair, don’t worry, let Apostore’s hair extensions help you change yourself in the most effective way. Contact us right now if you want to try on a new appearance with our beautiful hair extensions. We are ready to help you.