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Spring comes with cool, fresh air and it makes people feel overflowing with motivation, but many girls still very confused with which is the best hair color for this Spring.  Even girls’ clothes have to match with weather, so hair color is also important too. The great combination of hair, clothes and weather will make glorious all the time.

There is also the existence of girls who want to change hair color for no reason, then this post is also for them too. These hair colors in this list will give you many options for you. Whatever it is, these colors are collected basing on recent Hollywood celebrities hair color.

The first and foremost hair color I want to mention today is chocolate brown. If the full blonde hair is only suitable for winter, a darker for the rich brunette shade will be a great idea. Chocolate idea will light up your face even in the rainy spring days.

Rose gold is the second color that smelt your heart. I will bring the feeling of gentleness and refreshment. Your hair looks like a beautiful flower that is nourishing in the spring.

The sun is so bright in the spring, but you don’t’ have to follow the sunlight. Inky black hair will make your own style and make you shine in your own way. With inky black hair, you can be gorgeous with many hairstyles like short bob, wavy long hair, curly hair… Some girls who want to be so exceptional twist on inky black hair with a hint of blue. Believe it or not, girls will look more and more mysterious.

There is a saying that ‘ Spring will be the season of pastels, including soft coral, blush pink, and pastel blue. When you are bored you have these colors to choose to change color hair up. It is amazing, right? But you have to remember one thing that your hair also needs care too.

So, you have the list of wonderful color hair for this spring but your hair is too thin to dye? This is the reason why APOHAIR is here. APOHAIR has a variety of vietnamese hair extensions which add volume for your real hair. With these hair extensions, you can freely put on any hair color you like.

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