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There are lots of famous hair export companies in the hair market today. And among a variety of selections, women all over the world tend to put Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair as their priorities. Be with us in this post below so that you will know more about some specific features of 2 types of hair with these different origins.

Firstly, let’s take a short look on how Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair are similar to each other. Both of them remain as the most popular hair types in Southeast Asia area. The two types express the best quality which attracts lots of customers coming from different countries. Through the production, hair is made in various textures. And whereas Vietnamese hair is 100% Vietnamese human hair, of course, Cambodian hair is 100% Cambodian hair. The hair looks so natural, making users feel comfortable when using them.


Next, we will show you how Vietnamese hair is different from Cambodian hair. Generally speaking, it is quite difficult to point out some differences between these two types. The difference comes from very specific characteristics that every hair type possesses. Vietnamese hair is known more for its completely natural status. Also, producers ensure that this hair type contains no chemical or synthetic hair.

Besides, a very outstanding feature is that Vietnamese hair owns a good durability. A large amount of Vietnamese hair is thick hair. These thick hairs are considered to be quite strong and heavy. In another aspect, Cambodian hair is famous for its sleek, soft and shiny appearance. This hair type comes to the hair market with lots of hair colors and textures for customers.

Many people often consider that Vietnamese hair is very silky and smooth while most Cambodian hair is thick hair. This comment is not completely true, especially in different circumstances.

We really hope that with the information we provide, you will get more knowledge about two famous hair types – Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair. Please contact us directly for more information so that you can come to the best decision for the hair with best quality.