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You may not know that many people were born with gifts. They are given with a color natural hair. When I was young, I used to feel very jealous with my friends because they had the different hair color-red, dark brown or blonde. I also got tired of my plain black hair too and I promise that when I grow up I will change my hair color. But the problem of damaging my natural hair always haunts me. So this article would give you an overview about colored natural hair and multi colored hair.

Fascinating fact colored natural hair

Colored natural hair followed you from the very first day of your life. As usual, natural colors include grey, white and lightest blond, and sometimes light brown. It sounds pretty amazing when you have the colored natural hair since you were a baby right?


Of course there is nothing interesting than having color hair without any chemicals put in your head. You may even save a large a lot of money per year than others when you don’t have to go for dying your hair.

But natural colored hair also has many drawbacks. Your hair may be so beautiful as your natural color, but the length and the thickness are not like you expect. Don’t let you thin hair prevent you from catching people’s attentions. The solution is so easy because you just have to add some multi colored hair to your natural hair in same color or the different colors as you like. This is when multi colored hair show its advantage.

Multi colored hair

I’m sure that when you walking in the street you would see people in multi colored hair with total awe, admiration and appreciation. Have you ever tried putting in multi colored hairstyle?

You may not be born with natural color hair but you could totally own one. APOHAIR now is so proud to provide the variety of colored hair extensions. With hair extension, you don’t have to worry about damaging your natural hair anymore.

APOHAIR always pleases customers with the best high quality hair products from 100% Vietnamese women hair. If you ever come to Vietnam you would see how beautiful long black hair of almost Vietnamese women. We also guarantee there is no chemical added into our hair products.

Multi colored hair extensions is really a good idea for lightweight hair. Moreover, you would be surprised about its softness, shine and its life span. It can be reused at least 6 weeks with the proper care process. So let’s contact with APOHAIR to change your look and be glamorous in these amazing multi colored hair extensions.