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Thin hair, for a long time, has become a great concern of many women. It robs much of people’s confidence in most aspects of their lives. Due to thin hair, many people feel shy when communicating or going out. What can help resolve this problem?


Main contents to read

1. What is thin hair

  • The concept of thin hair
  • Differentiate between thin hair and fine hair
  • Can you have thin hair that isn’t fine?
  • How to take care of thin hair

2. Hair extensions for thin hair

  • Weft hair extensions
  • Clip in hair extensions
  • Tape in hair extensions
  • Tip hair extensions
  • Hair extensions from Apohair


What are the best hair extensions for thin hair?

Thin hair expresses the density of your hair. In other words, you can understand thin hair as the description of how many hair strands are on your head. One typical characteristic of thin hair is that if you are owning thin hair, you have fewer hairs than usual.

Thin hair comes from different reasons. It can root from your own genetic, meaning that your hair tends to be thin like a normal process of development. Besides, thin hair can be the result of hair loss or hair breakage. What are considered to be the main causes of hair loss are your method of taking care of your own hair as well as your own regimen. Many people are subjective when they think that taking care of hair is quite simple.

The opposite state of thin hair is thick hair which has a high density of hair. If they have to choose, the big numbers are, people tend to look for thick hair which can make them confident. When you are having thick hair, you do not need to worry about how to find out a suitable solution for your own hair.

  • Differentiate between thin hair and fine hair

Many people usually get confused thin hair with fine hair. However, these are two completely different issues. “Fine hair” is the opposite of “coarse” in meaning. While thin hair refers to the density of your whole hair, fine hair determines the thickness of the individual hair strand. Each strand of fine hair is usually lightweight and also, easy to be damaged. An advantage of fine hair is that it is shinier than coarse hair.

  • Can you have thin hair that isn’t fine?

Absolutely. All situations can happen. Someone can have thin hair but their hair strands are fine. In contrast, a number of others can have thick hair but their strands are also fine. Truth is, your hair can be both thin and fine.

  • How to take care of thin hair

When your hair is thin, it is important for you to find out an effective way to take care of it. Especially, you need to protect your hair in the best way to prevent hair loss. If your hair is too thin and it is gradually losing, this is a really bad experience. Here, you can use a good-dry to make your hairstyle look denser and fuller. Also, you can find to use some products which give you the favorite hair texture.

Using hair extensions for thin hair

Hair extensions are the quickest methods that help you to add volume and length to your thin hair. So, what are the best hair extensions for thin hair?

  • Weft hair extensions

Weft hair extension is the hairstyle in which hairs are weft (by hands or machine) into 1 line. Weft hair is a quite tight method and if you pay much attention to the application of this hair, you will not need to be afraid that hair extensions may be obvious to others.

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How to apply short hair on thin hair?

- Put a part of your hair up

- Braid a small part of the remaining hair from this ear to the other

- Sew the weft hair extensions to that braid and then you’ve got a new hairstyle for your thin hair

  • Clip in hair extensions

If you are wondering about a quick and convenient method of extending your hair, then there is no doubt, it is clip in hair extensions. With clip in hair extensions, all you need to do is just to determine the part which needs adding volume and then put the clip in extensions directly to your hair. In the application, please take note that the extensions can be easy to fall out if you make it too loose. As a result, try to make it tight enough so that the clip in will lie in its right position and also other people cannot realize it.

  • Tape hair extensions

Tape hair is another quick way to enhance your thin hair. Tape hair is attached to your hair just in some minutes. In case you want to make it clean, put it out and wash it. If you want to reuse, put all the hair in another tape and use it as usual.

  • Tip hair extensions

Tip hair comes in a variety of types including I tip, U tip, V tip and flat tip. These tips are made of high-quality of keratin which is good for our hair. These are long-term methods so if you would like to apply hair extensions in a long time, try on these types. All of them are effective ways for you to enhance your thin hair.

Weft hair, clip in hair, tape hair and tip hair are four popular hair extensions provided by Apohair. All the hair product are made of 100% Vietnamese remy hair which contain no chemical, no synthetic hair and no insects. Getting Apohair’s extensions to apply on your thin hair, you will certainly have a fuller and longer look.

Hair extensions for thin hair are various and especially, hair products of Apohair are always available in our stock. Come with us and try on the best hair extensions which let you be yourself and make you more confident.