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You are having short hair, you love it to be longer? Your hair is too thin and for that reason, you are losing your confidence day by day. Is there any effective way of helping to solve this problem? Of course, the answer is yes. And among a lot of types of methods, hair extensions is always the one which attracts lots of women’s attention. What are the most suitable extensions for me? Let’s have an overview of the best hair extensions provided by Apohair these recent days.


What is exactly hair extensions?

Hair extensions refers to the methods which is applied to help your hair longer and fuller. This is considered to be the quickest way for women to get a new hair change for their new performance. Especially, when you are in a hurry but still excited about a different hairstyle, hair extensions is absolutely the one which you should once try. Not only does it give you a new look, it also helps you save much time for other activities in your daily life.

How many types of hair extensions?

In general, there are 8 main types of hair extensions that are produced in Apohair. What are they?

Weft hair extensions

Weft hair is the extensions in which hair is weft by hands or machines into 1 line. It brings a new look just in a short time. Due to its simple production, weft hair is also one of the cheapest hairstyles in Apohair at all times.

Bulk hair

Bulk hair is the method in which all the hairs are tied into a bundle. It is also easy to use and time-saving. You can get bulk hair and then tie it directly to your real hair. Besides, many people buy this hair extensions to make lace closure, lace frontal or wigs.

Tape hair extensions

It expresses the hair which is attached with tape at its top. The hair is easy to use because all the things you need to do are just taking the hair and attaching that tape to your real hair. In about two minutes, you get a completely new hairstyle with the application of tape hair extensions.

Tape hair can be used in 6 weeks. After that period of time, you should get it out and then wash the hair extensions. If you would love to reuse it, take it easy by using another tape for your hair. In Apohair, we also provide tape roll and remover for the tape in hair extensions, which may be useful for your applying this hair extensions.

Clip in hair extensions

Clip in hair is known as the most confident hair extensions in Apohair’s collection. What makes this hair outstanding is that it is reusable. You can get a clip in hair and use it for many times. This is meaningful because you can save time and money for other demands in your daily life.

Tip hair

Tip hair is the hair which has its tip made of keratin, a good substance to your hair. Apohair ensures to produce all the tip hair products with the best-quality of keratin.

There are four main types of tip hair extensions which are always available in our stock, including;

  • Flat tip hair extensions: the tip is made in flat shape
  • U tip hair extensions: tip made in U shape
  • V tip hair extensions: tip made in V shape
  • I tip hair extensions: tip made in I shape

Lace closure and frontal

Lace closure and frontal are quite complicated products. Here, our workers will sew all the hairs into a lace. Lace closure has smaller size in comparison with lace frontal. Usually, people get these two types to make a wig.


Wigs is a full-head hairstyle. It is the most complicated hair products provided by Apohair. As a result, it is also the most expensive hair in our stock. Wig can in a minute give you a totally new appearance without any difficulties in the application.

What are the main features of hair extensions?

All the hair products of Apohair

  • is made of 100% Vietnamese human hair
  • contains no chemical and synthetic hair
  • no tangle
  • no shedding
  • no lice, no insects inside

Do you think it’s time you should pay more attention to your hairstyle? Find us! Apohair is always here to serve you best hair extensions which make you be more confident with a new appearance.