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Cornrows, or braids, aren’t called the win-win style for no reason – they’re effortless; they’re low-maintenance, and they can also become a perfect protective hairstyle if needed. Yet, it is obvious that a protective braid style takes hours to achieve, so you all may want to make it worth the effort. By reinventing your cornrows and making some take and tap, so that you can get your protective lock refreshed every day.  With such an intense and sleek impression it brought, cornrows have managed to become one of the hugest trends of 2019, and you know what? These 6 ways to style your cornrows have definitely put us in awe, and we cannot wait to share them with you!

#1 Accessorized Braids

Hair accessories have always been a helpful tool during your hairstyling processes. Some are great for hair securing; some get your bangs off the forehead and ditch all those annoying flyaways, and some play the roles of the hair adornments. For the cornrows, hair accessories can play either of the above roles.

Try adding some cuff beads to your cool plaits, you’re elevating your simple braids to a masterpiece.  In case you didn’t notice, the cuff beads work with almost all types of braids – cornrow, dreadlocks, or box braids. Besides, they are super easy to apply on to your lock. For those reasons, you may rest assured that the cuff beads can boost up your cornrows hairstyle however you do it.

#2 Half-up – Half-down

A favorite way to style cornrows of us is the 90s-vibe half-up – half-down braids. Having box braids with the hair tips left loose and subtly curled gives it a feminine yet fierce impression. And for the perfect wrap up, opt for a satiny-looking scrunchy to tie your plaits up.

#3 Small Cornrows

Another way to style your cornrows is to put it into smaller braids. A simple small braided hairstyle is ways more versatile than those complicated and sophisticated styled cornrows. Additionally, you can even style your cornrows in any way you like, namely the ponytails, the braided braid, or you can twist it into a bun. As much as the small cornrows deserve all the hype, they can be very time-consuming, as you’ll need a lot of time to braid all those strands.

#4 Large Feed-in Cornrows

Contrasting to the small cornrows, a large feed-in cornrows hairstyle is rather a time-saver. The thick cornrows can give off the femininity, classiness yet being quirky at the same time. Incorporating some hair rings or gold string into the braids can even make it more desirable. Basically, the feed-in cornrows are all about the details, and once you achieve the look, you’ll immediately fall in love.

#5 Colored Straight-back Cornrows

Colored hairs have always been of girl’s favorite. In fact, it has never gone out of the map. If you’re looking for some styling ideas to style your cornrows, a little add-up can do wonder to your lock. Whether you want to add single or multiple colors to your hair, it’s suggestible that you get the look on your hair extensions instead of the actual ones. Hair extensions can protect your tresses from the chemical used in the coloring process, not to mention it leaves us a bridge in case we overdone our hair.

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#6 Braided Ponytail

 The final way to style your cornrows that we’ve got is the stunning braided ponytail. As we’ve mentioned before, a braided ponytail can be styled with small cornrows. Your job is to neatly braid your hair into tiny plaits and tie them into a ponytail as normal. You may want to left free a cornrow at the front of each side of your head so that it can show off the effortlessness.

An even more fun ponytail style for those fun girls is the bubble ponytail. You will have some small cornrows at the front of the head while at the back, you’ll want to make a voluminous bubble ponytail.

Side note: As you can have your cornrows with your own lock, it is preferable that you use hair extensions as your braids. The reason for this is that the cornrows hairdo is a protective style. It plays the function of protecting your tresses from outer factors. Therefore, the braids themselves should be able to protect the tresses from unwanted damage, and hair extensions are qualified enough to meet all the criteria for a protective hairstyle. Furthermore, hair extensions enable us to style our hair under high heat and through chemical processes such as hair dying or bleaching. If you’re worrying that you won’t find the appropriate hair extensions for you, visit APO Hair to get the best advice and the best quality hair extensions.

Again, the cornrows are now a huge fashion trend among the beauty community. Not only females but males are having them. So why don’t you go and give the cornrows a shot? You may rest assured that following our 6 ways to style your cornrows, you’ll get the best lock you can ever imagine. So make sure to try at least once of those and remember to share your stories in the comment section below. We hope to stumble your picture of the cornrows hairdo as soon as possible.