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Weave hair extension is a method applied by lots of people. However, there is a fact that not everyone knows the right way to get the most perfect application of weave hair extensions. Let’s take a look at this blog to find out the exact answer for the question: “Do we need to wash weave hair extensions before installing?”

The importance of washing hair extensions before installing

Do you usually skip washing your hair extensions for three or four weeks? If you say yes, this would be a really bad thing. By keeping doing that, not only would you take risk of public ridicule, you are also having a so uncomfortable experience.

In fact, it is important for all the user to wash weave hair extensions before installing because of many reasons:

In the process of applying weave hair extensions, a stylist carry out braiding your hair in a particular pattern and then weave the hair extensions on the top of the braids. Clearly, you can see that the weave will cover your hair and scalp. As a result, when you can make sure that hair extensions have been made clean, it is the time your own hair and your scalp are ensured to be in the best condition.

Skipping shampoo and conditioner before you apply hair extensions may irritate during the time you are to weave extensions to your own hair. This bad habit also has bad effects on your scalp’s buildup process by hindering the growth of the hair. That is the reason why you should always clean hair extensions one or two day before your application of new hairstyle.

In addition to that, never forget to condition your hair because it is an essential step to have a great start for having a weave. Especially, you should try to look for deep conditioners that are rich in protein and moisturizers. You should take note that your hair is going to be covered for the most part and as a result, it will not be able to take the moisture out of the air as usual.

One more reason for you is that washing the weave is one of the best ways to make sure that there is no lice, germ or chemical left in a hair extensions. By this way, hair extensions become clean, germ-free and absolutely healthy.

How to wash weave hair extensions

There are some specific steps that you should follow to get a complete procedure of washing your weave hair extensions

When you receive a weave hair extension, it exists in each bundle. Before washing and applying this hair extension, you need to open the weave. At this time, weft hair turns into a long strip of hair. Now you should prepare a wide-tooth comb and then comb the hair ends first. Without this step, the hair in that strip may easily be shedding.

To be more specific, there are 5 main steps for your washing hair extensions, consisting of:

Step 1: Take weave hair extensions out of the packet and then separate them

Step 2: Apply a small conditioner on the hair extensions to make sure that all the supposed dirt, insect and residue are off and also no germs will be exist in your scalp. In this step, take note that the conditioner you are using should be the one which is suitable for weave hair extensions. This conditioner will take effect on keeping the shine and sheen of the weave.

Step 3: Place your weft in a bowl or something with the similar shape of cold water, get a small amount of shampoo and ten rub all over the wet hair from tip to root, then rub to massage the shampoo into the hair strands of the weave in a gentle way.

Step 4: Rinse hair extensions and then put them into another bowl of cold water. Squeeze the water out by running the hair through a soft towel in your palm to

remove excess liquid.

Step 5: loosen the weave and hand to dry. Now when the hair extensions is ready, you can install it like your favorite way.

Where to find a reliable hair supplier?

It is really important for you to have a prestigious hair supplier so that you can ensure the hair quality. In Apohair, we are providing customers with the best quality hair extensions. They are all the hair products with a variety of textures, colors, and lengths. This gives you a lot of choices for your favorite hairstyles.

We promise that there is no chemical, synthetic hair or insects in any of our hair extensions. All help to bring you the most beautiful hair extensions. And whatever hair extension you are using, it is important that you should wash it before installing. Believe us, you will get the most gorgeous hairstyle for a new appearance.