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Virgin hair extensions are 100% real human hair that has never been altered by a chemical process. Virgin hair is the highest quality human hair available on the market. This hair is expensive, yet it does last for a longer time than remy hair, making it worth the investment.

Virgin human hair extensions means that when the hair is collected, it is collected from virgin hair donors. This means that the hair has never been chemically processed (no perms, hair color etc), never chemically treated, and comes from hair donors with long healthy hair. Virgin hair usually comes from younger women, so there are no grey hairs or split ends.

Virgin hair extensions - the best hair

When choosing virgin hair, hair donors must have long full healthy human hair. When collected, it is usually hand selected from thick, full, long ponytails. Since virgin hair collected from ponytails, of healthy non-processed hair, the hair is already healthy and it does not require any kind of additional chemical processing to make it look beautiful (read: shiny and soft). 

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Some hair extension wearers think that virgin hair comes straight off the head and can never be colored and that constitutes as “virgin hair”. They believe that if the hair is colored after being collected, that it is no longer considered “virgin hair extensions”. That is simply not true when it comes to hair extensions.

Virgin hair extensions - the best hair

Virgin hair (in the hair extension world) means that the hair collected is virgin, healthy, and has no grays, split ends, or chemical processing at the time of collection. Now, what separates the hair extension companies is HOW they process this fresh virgin hair. Virgin hair is fragile and should be processed differently than other hair extensions to keep the hair healthy and soft like it was while being collected.

Processing of the virgin hair is most important, and a lot of companies tend to use harsh processing for faster production which shortens the life span of the Vietnam virgin hair. Using harsh ingredients and acid baths to process the virgin hair speeds up manufacturing to produce hair faster, but the quality will get comprised.

However, if the hair undergoes an eco-friendly and gentle slow process, the end result is beautiful virgin hair coated in a healthy gloss.  Virgin hair can last 1 to 2 years with proper care. When it comes to virgin hair, be sure to know how the hair is processed to ensure high quality hair.