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When you take a look back at the history of Vietnamese hair, women have always known how to beautify their hair. Each hairstyle is an artistic sense and also their experience. In the past, the hairstyle was very simple, women just pulled their hair into a bun or rolled them. But from time to time, Vietnamese women’s conception of beautifying their hair has changed. Scroll down and explore the beauty of the Vietnamese hairstyles throughout each period.

Vietnamese hairstyles throughout history

Have you ever wondered how the Vietnamese hairstyles of men and women in the late 19th century is? Oh, it’s easy to imagine, both of them were just the long hair. The men used a craft towel to cover their hair and the women’s were sectioned in middle and tied neatly in a bun.

Then the French hairstyles appeared in Vietnam in the year of 1930-1940 and most of the noble class imitated this hairstyle. In northern Vietnam, women often tied their hair by a towel, and young girls always had a medium hair length. Some of them had a short curly tail making them look so cute. And men still keep their short hair.

Nowadays, Vietnamese hairstyles have had many changes. The more the living standard was improved, the more people concerned about their demands, especially their beauty. To catch up with the trend and meet these requirements, there are more and more hair salons launched throughout Vietnam.

We all know that creating a new version but still keeping the traditional Vietnamese hairstyles is quite tricky that makes many hairstylists spend more time to study and research. Some of them are successful when receiving awards in many international competitions, some of them still need more time for a better hairstyle. But in general, they have contributed a great part in the development of Vietnam’s hair fashion industry.

Up to now, the Vietnamese hair market is growing extremely strongly, followed by a lot of beautiful hairstyles with new styles. Vietnamese hairstyles for men are various and suitable for all face shapes such as undercut, pompadour or classic hairstyles - short black hair. Meanwhile, the style for women whether long or short hair is outstanding. If you are not confident with a bob hairstyle, you can try the long curly hairstyle.

The Importance of Hairstyle in Vietnam Cultures

The tradition plays a huge role in forming the characteristics of a society and in such countries that are rich in customs and culture like Vietnam, women really love long natural locks. There is hardly any surprise if you see many Vietnamese girls with their long hair.

In Vietnamese tradition, the hairstyle expresses not only physical beauty but also the personality and the character of a person. The long hair is considered as iconic of Vietnamese hairstyles. In the old conception, the hair is the first glimpse of a beautiful person and make people impressed at the first sight. A girl can wear short hair when she was small, but when growing up, she has never cut her hair.

An old Vietnamese girl is always proud of their long and sleek hair. Women also used accessories to style their hair such as “khan dong” or “khan mo qua” that are made of fabric. In the past, guys also liked a long-haired woman. They thought women with long hair were gentle, feminine and keep the original Vietnamese beauty.

Nowadays, many brides choose the Vietnamese headdress wedding hairstyle on their most important day. They combine both classic and modern look. So wonderful!

The Vietnamese hairstyles of Ethnic Women

Most ethnic women take good care of their hairs and keep it healthy. They always keep their hair long and black and without any chemicals. For example, according to the conception of the black Thai people, women’s hair role an important position. If you have the opportunity to travel in the Northwest of Vietnam, you can see many women with their hair tied in a chignon at the top of the head, this means they are married.

If ethnic women want to have the dark and luster hair, they do not use expensive shampoos or hair conditioners. They get used to washing their hairs with natural or herbal products. That is a reason why their hairs are always very smooth, strong, less broken and split ends.

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