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We are so proud to be Apohair, one of the biggest companies in terms of exporting Vietnamese hair to the international market. Recently, we have got some positive reviews of customers our hair quality’s products. So, what features helps Vietnamese hair to become so outstanding like that? Our post below will be with you to answer this question.

What are positive reviews for Vietnamese hair?

Our customers come from lots of countries around the world. They are the people who extremely believe in our hair products. They say they love the way we clean all the hair and let it be so clear like that. Also, they believe in the hair quality, which is strong enough for them to style in any way they like.

What are the features for Vietnamese hair to become so outstanding?

There are many factors that enable Vietnamese hair to attract lots of customers all over the world.

Firstly, it is exactly 100% Vietnamese hair. Vietnamese human hair is famous for its long, natural and strong state. This is so good, especially when you are using a hair extensions, few people can realize that you are using hair extensions for your new hairstyle.

Secondly, Vietnamese hairs are always available with many types of hair for you to choose. You can try on hair extensions with tape hair, tip hair, clip in hair or weft hair. Also, it can be lace closure, lace frontal, lace wigs hair or any other hairstyles that you require.

In terms of textures, Vietnamese hair also has many different textures for customers. They are straight hair, wavy hair and curly hair. We divide those textures into specific ones, including kinky straight, yaki straight, body wavy, natural wavy, deep wavy, loose curly, deep curly, romantic curly,…

Hair colors are so various. Choosing a suitable color plays an important role in creating new point for your hairstyle. Vietnamese hair consists of black color, dark brown, light brown and blonde color.

In our factory, our employees always try to make hair products which are easiest to apply. For that reason, you do not have waste so much time in the application of Vietnamese hair. Is this wonderful?

Those are some reasons that have a meaning in the development of Vietnamese hair in the international market. Apohair hope to receive more review from customers. Any reviews you give us is a big chance for us to keep on improving our hair quality, promising to provide you with the best hair products ever.