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She always knows her stuff when it comes to makeup, but have you ever wondered how Victoria Beckham without makeup will look like? Fresh from her appearance at the star-studded bash, the former Spice Girl shared a makeup-free picture of her bare face with no product on it, and obviously, we can't get over how fresh and glowing her skin looks - not to mention her rosy red cheeks. Let’s tag along and see how the fashion designer looks with her complete bare face.

It can’t be denied that Victoria Beckham without makeup looks a bit bland, but who cares? In fact, at the age of 45, Mrs. Beckham still looks absurdly gorgeous. Although Victoria has been open about suffering from acne all her life, you would never have known it from these barefaced pictures of her heading to the gym. We mean, she has too smooth and plumped up the complexion that would easily drive our attention away. It seems like money can really buy the best facial treatments out there, and Mrs. Beckham here must have had the lot. 

Besides, considering how many tricks and tools she has at her disposal; it’s completely no secret to know why she wants to hide her sun-kissed freckles with a full face of makeup. Furthermore, though we love Beckham for her full-on glam, it’s always refreshing to see the rare moment when she lets her natural beauty shines through, such as on Monday when she shared a selfie of her almost-never-seen age defining the bare face.

It’s almost impossible to hear that the star is already a mother of four. She looks much younger than how she supposed to look with shots of her ditching makeupHer chocolate hair complemented her no-makeup face perfectly, and her deep brown eyes as well as her glowing skin are what draw her peoples in awe as she looks as if she was a whole goddess in her no-makeup selfies.

Maybe nature had a hand in it as no one could ever resist her beautiful fresh face. It is safe to say that her natural look is so stunning that even us can hardly resist. This shot from a morning skincare routine was another impressive pictures of Victoria Beckham without makeup

It was back to years ago when Vic made it a huge craze on the Internet when she posted her picture of, as we stated, almost never seen before no makeup face for the first time. She looks just like how she was in the Spice Girls! 

For a woman pushing 50, Mrs. Beckham never disappoints us with her ditching-makeup look. Getting away from her signature nude lipstick and smoky eyes, Victoria Beckham with no makeup alone is enough to have us to be mind-blown for days. 

Even though the lens of some random paparazzi, Victoria Beckham without makeup still looks absolutely amazing as she was just jogging around the neighborhood. It seems that black and white are Victoria’s favorites, maybe because they complement her businesswoman vibe so much? In this picture of her, Beckham ties her hair up into a bun and puts on a black sunglasses for the walk, and you know what? She looking amazing with her super chic vibe.

Beckham’s chocolate hair is definitely one of the main features making her the most beautiful woman on earth. The star was captured right after she came out of her house and she still rocked the bare face look and her hair was literally shining through the picture. Of course, her sunglasses play a huge role in it. This is probably one of the best pictures of Victoria Beckham without makeup we have ever seen.

Victoria has this perfect skin complexion that makes her look even better when she sans her makeup. Her skin is smooth and silky, and it looks as if it is not at all affected in the sun. Even after her pregnancy, she didn’t look like she was experiencing any skin problem at all, she looked completely healthy with her makeup-san face.

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It is obvious that Victoria is stunning, makeup or not. In fact, we would be grateful if we have more chances to be able to contemplate the one and only Victoria Beckham without makeup more often. What about you? Do you like Victoria Beckham with no makeup or with makeup on? Let us know about your opinion the comment section below.