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For a long time, braid become one of the most familiar hairstyles for women. Nowadays, along with the variety of hair textures, people find more ways to make a braid. As a result, each braid gives us a completely new look. Are you curious about some new ways of creating a braid? Read our blog to find your favorite one.

Tiny, hidden braids

Hidden braid attracts much of girls’ attention because it is both easy to use and time-saving. How to make it? The answer is that it is really simple. Here, you just need to pull all your hair into a low ponytail with an elastic band and then wrap the braided ends around the base of the ponytail. This method is gentle because the braid is loose. As a result, it brings no harm or damages to your own hairstyle.

In case your braid is too hidden, do not worry. Try to gently tug on that braid to separate them from the rest of your hair and you get the most satisfied hairstyle.

Long braided ponytail

If you would like to try on a log braid ponytail, the first step you should pay attention is to pull your hair into the highest ponytail possible. Next, a styling gel and fine-tooth comb are what you need to slick it back. Then, you begin a very popular process: separating the tail into three equal strands and tightly braiding down to the very end of your hair’s tail. If you love the braid to be a longer hairstyle.

Ladder braided ponytail

In this style, you need to tie your hair into a low ponytail. The next step is to take a half-inch section of hair from the right side and roll it around the base of your ponytail and thread the tail through the loop to knot it place. Finally, you add another section of hair to the tail and then wrap it around the ponytail again.

Braided bubble ponytail

This style is started by cornrowing your hair up toward the crown of your head. However, before that process, you need to gather all of your hair into a high ponytail. At this time, get an elastic band to section the tail into smaller segments for a bubble-pony effect. Finishing this process, you get a really new hairstyle for a completely new look.

Are you interested in braids? If yes, what types of braids would you like to apply? We hope that our suggestion above can bring useful information for you in your finding an ideal hairstyle.