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Nowadays, women have so much freedom when choosing the look that well suits them regardless of color, length, or texture. Hairstyles with extensions are very helpful when they act as a protective blanket for your natural hair from the everyday wear and tear of hairstyling. In general, straight hair weaves are one of the safest ways to try different hair extensions. They are great when you want to try out something new and stylish. And with so many options, we decided to put together a list of The Top Straight Weave Hairstyles of 2019!

Straight Weave Hairstyles

Red Violet Centre-Parted Weave

The lighter shade of this straight weave hairstyle gives the hair a metallic sheen that is set off by the darker underlayer. To be honest, a straight weave will best show off this coloring. But no problem if you opt to curl the bob, you’ll even get a dimensional blend of black and red violet ringlets.

Burgundy Ombre Hair

With colors as rich as these, a strong message is sent out. Black in this straight weave hairstyle emanates an air of mystery, sophistication and seduction, whilst warming burgundy resonates with power and ambition. Here we have two striking statements in a long, straight and asymmetrical style.

Deep Side Part

If you’re looking for an elegant and polished straight weave hairstyle, a deep side part could be the one. Though the hair can be a bit too formal to be worn daily, it’s definitely a must-try, especially when you’re possessing a beautiful set of straight weaves. To achieve the highest level of shine, make sure to have a serum when styling your hair to keep it sleek and smooth.

Straight Black Weave Hairstyles

Quick Straight Weave

A quick straight black weave involves bonding the extensions to your natural hair by using a cap or gel formula as a protective barrier. It’s often a quicker and less costly method than the sew-in. This technique paired with a shoulder length straight cut is a great example of weave styles that can provide you with a fast and natural-looking hairstyle you always expect.

Extra Long Straight Black Hair

The rising trend of 30 inches straight weave hair extensions is on a steady rise, and we are here for it! While this style with many inches hair may require more styling time, hair products, care and maintenance, the results are phenomenal! You’ll be sure to turn heads with this straight hairstyle.

Long Black Weave

Nothing like a chic, simple hairstyle to make such a bold appearance! A side part will easily add glamour to this dark and sultry hairstyle! To create another version, add a middle part for simplicity or add layers, to blend and move naturally as if it was your own tresses. Evenly you can pop in a few curls and you’ve turned ordinary into extraordinary!

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Straight black weave hairstyles from APOStore

At APOStore, we sell 100% Vietnamese Remy Human Hair straight black weave hair in packages – 100 grams each. Apart from weaves, our straight black hair extensions are also available in bulks. In principle, while sew in hair is to be sewn into your natural one, bulk hair is fixed with tight hair elastics.

Coming to APOStore’s straight black weave and any other products, we can guarantee that our hair:

No tangles, no shedding, no split ends

Soft, smooth and beautiful

Adds subtle length for daily hairstyles.

Double drawn for thick and healthy tips


There’re several hair standards required in APOStore that can give you complete satisfaction when choosing our hair extensions.

Single drawn: You can actually find a single drawn set of hair extensions as they’re usually sold at a rather low price. However, a piece of single drawn extensions can contain different length hair as they are not as carefully done as the other two.

Double drawn: This one is of our company priority as compared to the previous choice, single drawn extensions are not only thicker but also fair in terms of length distribution.

Super double drawn (Double-drawn type 2): Nearly 100% of the strands in super double drawn extensions are at the same length, which contributes to the ultimate boost of volume to your original lock. The fact that the super double drawn hair’s quality, as compared to the other types, is superior, this type of hair extensions can be costly depending on how long the hair you want to buy is.

APOStore is now having 4 main standards for hair: Single Drawn Type 1&2, and Double Drawn Type 1&2, which have quite the same features as the 3 standards above.

APOStore’s straight black weave comes in the same standards as mentioned above.

Straight black weave hairstyles from APOStore also have 3 other textures available: Straight, Kinky Straight, Yaki Straight. Besides black, there are so many different colors for you to choose, too.

Are you interested in these hairstyles mentioned above? Feel free to tell us your thought in the comment section below. And don’t forget to follow and visit our website for more beauty tips, news, how-to guides and more detail about all of our hair extensions. Thank for your time!