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Red lips, glowing skin, fancy makeup, etc. have always been what people imagine about celebrities. It seems that we see makeup as a way to show off our beauty as well as to achieve the cultural beauty standard. However, we are starting to rely on makeup so much that we forget that our natural faces are just as gorgeous. Celebrities, on the other hand, appear to have fully aware of this as they set the no-makeup trend appearing all over the place lately. Stars like Tomi Lahren is one of the pioneers of the trend with her recent efforts to get rid of her heavy makeup. Shall we take a look and see how gorgeous is Tomi Lahren without makeup?

It is us or the pictures of Tomi Lahren without makeup posted recently look insanely good? It seems that the 27-year-old is very confident about her natural face as she never afraid to show off her fresh look in public through selfies like this. If you are wondering, just go to her Instagram account, you’ll see thousands of pictures of her bare face posted herself there.

Showing off natural face through pictures of no-makeup Tomi Lahren

This was one of her iconic moments without makeup and you know what? Miss Lahren looks fabulous and full of femininity even without any trace of makeup on her face. Even her hair looks flawless as it is let loose naturally with some platinum highlights.

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A bright look 

Side note: You can actually achieve this Tomi Lahren no-makeup look with APO Hair’s Clip-in Straight Hair Light Brown Color.

As we all know that social media are where we can find the most intimate side of celebrities, the same thing comes with Tomi Lahren. This picture of her just chilling after bathing showing off Tomi Lahren's no makeup face definitely had us went crazy. Without her glamorous outward with layers of heavy makeup, the young lady looks absurdly charming and somewhat innocent with her no-makeup look. We all know that cosmetics are very harmful to our skin, but it seems that Tomi is an exception as her skin is literally glowing in every shot of her bare face.

Be attractive with her blonde hair

Knowing that you might be curious, we have also taken some time researching about Tomi Lahren skincare routine and summarize some of the important points you might want to know. So keep scrolling down to find out how the TV host can nail the 'Tomi Lahren without makeup' looks so perfect.

Her blonde hair helps create a very new Tomi Lahren. Our pretty girl is now free to be herself. Things are too perfect and for such an outstanding look, you can completely try on our blonde hair extensions.

Beauty Sleep 

Having an appropriate sleeping routine is surprisingly important for keeping your skin healthy. It is said that 6-8 hours of sleep every night can make your skin look more energetic and dynamic.

Overdoing makeup can make your skin red and dry. Therefore, instead of recent makeup usage, Tomi casually spares some time to let her skin breathe by not having cosmetics on her face. Having said that, we can casually spot Tomi Lahren without makeup by scrolling down her Instagram feed. 

Be gentle to your eyes

It may sound strange, but it is very important that you treat your skin gently, especially the area around your eyes. The cosmetics you are using every day to cover up your wrinkles are the culprits themselves as they make your skin worse over time. Bear in mind that your skin around the eyes is very sensitive. Thus, one wrongly done step could cause severe damage to your skin later on. That’s why you have to be absolutely careful either when putting on makeup or when removing it, or else you may be accelerating your aging process. If you are not confident with your makeup skills, then just don’t wear it at all – we sure you’ll be surprised how much younger you may look. Believe it or not, just watch how Tomi Lahren without makeup looks so youthful. Don’t worry about what people say, because your natural beauty is what really matters.

Be confident

Once again, we’re emphasizing this word. As Tomi Lahren, she always looks happy and proud of her no-makeup appearance. Maybe Lahren herself knows that self-love makes us become beautiful. Makeup is just a temporary way to make you feel gorgeous, but the downside is that you won’t be realizing your true beauty. Women do not wear makeup are always the happier one because they are aware of their natural beauty and satisfied with it. Look at this picture of Tomi Lahren without makeup! Her bright smile is radiating even without cosmetics on her face. Don’t you feel like ditching all the makeup right now?

Do you enjoy these pictures Tomi Lahren without makeup? Having gone through a lot of posts about celebrities without makeup, we believe that us women are beautiful being ourselves. Remember that makeup is just a tool to complement your look, your natural beauty is what they truly care about. Stay confident, love yourself and stay positive – you are beautiful the way you are. Should you find the blog useful, please give us some comments and thoughts under the comment section. APO Hair is always available to talk about beauty and answer all of your queries about hair. We hope you have a great day.