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What should I know about 18 inch Double drawn wavy hair?

As you probably know, Double drawn hair is the hair which contains more long hair than short hair in one bundle. Actually, there are almost the same length strands. That is why the hair is equally thick from the top to the end of hair.

Our Vietnamese hair is now used all over the world. It is famous for its self-explanatory beauty, healthiness and reasonable price. All of our Vietnam human hair is made of 100% Virgin human hair – no mix, so it has nothing to do with the chemical substance. Our customers can use the hair without any health concerns. You will become a gorgeous girl with our hair extensions.

 18 inch double drawn wavy hair  1

18 inch double drawn wavy would change your life with more amazing experience. 18 inch hair is the hair which is 18 inch in the hair length. It is wavy-shaped and believed to be the hair that will never be obsolete.

How to wash double drawn wavy hair extensions before Installing?

You must be wondering why you should wash your weave, except if you consider it as a normal hair attachment. We do, however, suggest that you wash your double drawn wavy before installing it because they are harvested from another human being, so for courtesy sake, please wash your double drawn wavy before installing.

However, washing the double drawn wavy is the best way to go as there might be dirt or lice and contains germs and chemical residue from the factory. So, washing it will ensure that it is clean, germ-free, and healthy.

 18 inch double drawn wavy hair 2

Keep in mind that all hair bundles should be wash before installing. Including both virgin hair and raw hair. Let’s see how to properly wash our weaves before installing.

How to choose right hair types?

A lot of people are suffered from hair loss nowadays. Those will have little hair than other people, so it makes them lose their confidence. Some of them choose our hair extensions to increase the hair volume. Hair extensions includes I-U-tip clip in (hair extensions), tape in hair and machine weft hair.

Some other choose Full lace wigs or Lace closure to cover up the weakness. This is also wise choice!

Color hair is popular among young people since it gives the feelings of young and enthusiasm. You can choose our color hair in three textures such as straight, curly and wavy hair.

You can choose another length of double drawn wavy hair like 16 inch double drawn wavy hair.