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You are addicted to use Vietnam virgin hair extension and always find different way to make change on it. However, you’ve already known that only real hair extension can survive when using chemical so if you want to make change like curling, let’s apply on high quality hair extension which made from human hair and today, let’s try with the straight hair extension by using a flat iron.

Vietnam virgin hair extension in straight style from Apohair company

1.      Heat up the flat iron

Most flat irons will need a little time to heat up before you can use them. If you try to curl your virgin hair  with the iron before it reaches the correct temperature, the curls will not hold. Try to keep it at the lowest temperature possible though, to cause less damage to your vigin hair . A good guide is 320ºF (160ºC) for fine Vietnam virgin hair  and 430ºF (220ºC) for thicker hair.

2.      Make sure your Vietnam virgin hair is completely dry

Putting a hot iron on damp hair can seriously damage it — not because the iron is too hot, but because the water will turn to scalding steam. Play it safe, and completely dry your hair first. Run a blow- dryer over any damp spots.

3.      Apply a heat protection spray

If you regularly use heat to style your hair, it’s really important that you use a heat protection spray.  Just spray it liberally all over your Vietnam virgin hair before curling.

4.      Split your hair into sections

Pin or clip up the top section of your hair. Using your thumbs, grab everything that’s above the top of your ears and clip it up on top of your head. Release layers as you work. When the bottom layer of hair is finished, unclip your hair and let out a little more, clipping up the excess again. Continue working this way until all your hair is curled.

5.      Start curling

Now that all the prep work is out of the way, you’re ready to start curling. Grab the piece of hair you wish to curl and give it a quick brush through to remove any remaining tangles. Clamp the flat iron around the hair and give it a half turn so that your Vietnam hair is in a U-shape.

Hold the flat iron in this position as you move it down the hair shaft, right to the ends. The position of the flat iron will determine what kind of curls you end up with. If you want your hair curled from the root to tip, position the flat iron as close to your scalp as possible, without burning it.

If you just want to curl just the ends of your hair, position the flat iron about halfway down the hair to begin. This is called a flick. The slower you move the iron, the tighter the curls will be. If you move the iron down the hair too quickly, your curls will be soft and loose.

Now, let’s enjoy the result with your beautiful Vietnam virgin hair extension in curly style.