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Have you ever wondered what would your hair look like when it reaches a certain length – 18 inches for example? How long is 18 inch of hair? And how does it feel like having such a long lock? Well, long hair is versatile, but can you imagine how hard it would be having to spend hours washing and taking care of that much hair? Can you imagine having to rack your brain every single day just to get the least idea for an 18 inches hairstyle you would go for, or else you will have to let your hair down just as the most tedious style ever? If the later, we’re glad to tell you that thanks to the invention of hair extensions, you will no longer have to worry about having always carry a super long lock around and take care of it every day. Hair extensions, nowadays, are becoming one of the mainstays to beat hair boredom. And with that being said, let’s find out what the 18 inches extensions are and how they would look like with our article below!

18 inch hair extensions

18 Inches Hair Extensions

Normally, the 18 inches hair extensions will be somewhere around your shoulder blades, which is considered quite a long hairstyle. We assumed that all of you have acknowledged the long hair as the symbol of beauty, femininity, and fashion. I mean, who didn’t have a moment where we wish for a flawless princess-like long lock. Besides, long hairdos have enjoyed their fame for ages, and there is, obviously, no sign of it going out of the map. Quite complicated to manage as it might be, the long hair length offers plenty of hairdos, from the simplest to the most extravagant one. Therefore, if you’re a beauty lover and a hair addicted, long hair is the perfect choice for you.

18 inch of hair

18 inch hair extensions - Synthetic hair or Human hair?

There are 2 basic types of hair for extensions– synthetic and human hair. Synthetic hair extensions, also known as artificial hairs, are hair that is made of synthetic polymer fibers that are manufactured into small human-like strands. This choice of hair is normally affordable, as the polymer is very easy to compose. The synthetic hair extensions are not as a desirable option as the other one, especially for those who have hair integration for styling purposes. The reason for this is that as synthetic hair is made of plastic, the hair can easily be melt when exposed to heat products such as the straightener or the curling wand. Due to its much better quality and its ability to bring out a complete natural-looking outlook, it goes without saying that, human hair extensions are of people’s preference. Be that as it may, since taken out from real human scalps, possessing an outstanding quality, human hair extensions can be very costly. The prices can range from $100 up to $4000 for a full set of hair extensions.

18 inch human hair

What are the textures of 18 inch hair extensions?

There are three main textures of 18 inch hair extensions. You can choose any among straight, wavy and curly hair. It is important for you to choose a suitable texture that is going to fit your present hairstyle. One of the most wonderful things when using hair extensions is that the extensions can blend well with your real hair. Opting for a set of 18 inches hair extensions, you’ll be able to have any hairstyle to your fancy. Of course, the downside is that it may be troublesome sometimes since the hairs are rather long, thus very high-maintenance. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you have the basic knowledge about the 18 inches hair extensions and think carefully if you should have one.

18 inch of hair

How long is 18 inch of hair?

Not as common as those shorter hair lengths, the 18 inches are rather popular among those who love to experience different hairstyles, or who are looking for a party or event hairdo. Again, as 18 inches, or 45 centimeters of hair can be quite hard to manage, it’s vital that you get yourself a proper hair care regime. This is a medium hair length for every type of hair extensions. However, how long it always depends on the hair textures. 18 inch of straight hair may look a little bit longer than 18 inch of curly hair and wavy hair.

18 inch hairstyle

Types of 18 Inches Hair Extensions

Basing on different methods and lifespans, we’ve divided the 18 inches hair extensions into 3 main categories – the temporary method, the semi-permanent, and the permanent one.


The hair extensions are usually taken off immediately after each time you use it in the temporary method. Normally, clip-in hair extensions or weaves will be the best choice for this method, as they are the easiest to apply as well as to be taken off.

18 Inches Clip-Ins

18 inch clip in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions enjoy great popularity among the beauty community, as it is one of the quickest yet safest ways to add volume and length. Hair strands often come with clips attached to them. All you have to do is to clip the piece on your own hair, and you are ready to go. A piece of 18 inches clip-in extensions will be somewhere at your shoulder blades or longer, sometimes reach the middle point of your back. A small note for you is that in order to your clip-in rest on your lock naturally and undetectable, as there might be puffs appear in the process, make sure that you apply your extensions as carefully as possible.

18 Inches Weaves 

Weaves are wefts that are sewn onto your braided hair. The weaves originate from wool and hairs that were attached to human scalps with beeswax 3000 years ago in Egypt. Different from the wig, which covers all over your head, a weave will be directly applied to your natural tresses to accentuate them. We are aware that it is no longer very common nowadays since the modern world is doing too much on our locks. For that happens, we strongly recommend you bring the 18 inches hair extensions into usage, as they are not only gorgeous but can also effectively protect your personal hair.


6-8 weeks are the normal lifespan of the extensions in this semi-permanent method. For this one, the weaves and tape-in hair extensions are the most suitable options to go for.

18 Inches Tape-Ins

18 inch tape in hair

Tape-ins hair extensions are wefts that are put into even smaller sections, in comparison to the clip-ins. This is one of the newest hair integration method on the market at the moment. The fact that tape-ins are made of 100% natural hair, with no tools or chemicals required and its ability to be reused, the tape-in hair extension is now the most requested hair extension method in salons worldwide. The best thing about tape extensions is that it only takes less than an hour to apply an entire head with zero damage when you choose the tape-in hair extensions.

18 Inches Weaves 

18 inch weaves

Appears again on the list, the hair weaves are of the most favorite hair extensions nowadays, as it can not only bring stunning look to women but also an easy-breezy extension to apply. The 18 inches weave is considered the most go-to hair extensions at this length, thanks to its well-blended natural-looking quality. A weave’s lifespan is normally longer than the clip-ins, so instead of having to take it off every day, you can have your hair weave in several weeks without having to remove it daily.


The permanent method can be very complicated in the process, as hair tresses are added strand by strand, integrated into your personal tresses. The hair extensions applied with this method can stay on the natural tresses for a long period, even months if properly taken care of. Micro rings and micro bonds are the two types of hair extensions that are normally used for this method.

18 Inches Micro Rings (Micro Loops)

18 inch micro rings

Micro ring hair extensions are hair strands that use rings to attach on your hair, hence the name. The rings for this type of hair are often made of aluminum or resin, then lined with silicone to hold the hairpieces on your wefts. The micro rings hair extensions possess a very natural appearance, in other words, it is almost completely undetectable no matter you are having your hair up or down when you have the micro rings extensions. However, since it’ll be worn on your hair for a relatively long time, you’ll want to be extremely meticulous when it comes to what hair care products to go for as well as what to do during your hair care routine.

18 Inches Micro Bonds (Glue-Ins)

18 inch micro bonds

Micro-bonds, or the glue-in hair extensions, are hair extensions that contain a line of keratin on it so that you can melt that line when applying the hair. You will want to use ultrasonic waves in the extremely hot heat to melt down the keratin line and attach it to the hair shaft when applying the glue-in. Quite similar to the micro rings hair extensions, micro bonds are put on your hair strand by strand. Typically, a package of micro bonds will consist of 100 hairpieces, in correspondence to 100 strands of yours.

Preparing to Apply the 18 Inches Hair Extensions

applying hair extensions

The very first step when applying your 18 inches hair extensions is to use the brush to detangle your hair, starting from the hair tips and work its way up to the roots. Wash and let your hair dry naturally. Should you want to use the hairdryer (you know, to spare some extra times), make sure to spray a layer of the heat protectant before you start doing your job. After you’re done with your personal lock, pick up your 18 inches extensions and put it onto your hair (you can sew or tape it as depends on each type of hair you got). Brush up on your blow-drying again to make sure that the hair is all secured. And you’re ready to go! 

Standards of 18 Inches Hair Extensions

Depending on different companies that the hair standards can be varied. In Apostore, we provide 4 main standards for hair extensions.

Single Drawn

hair standards

We have 2 types of single drawn hair extensions – namely the single drawn type 1 and single drawn type 2. You can actually find anywhere a single drawn set of hair extensions as they’re usually sold at a rather low price. However, as they are not as carefully done as the other two standards, the length of a single drawn type 1 and type 2 is varied. For these types of hair, you will get extensions with roughly 50% full length and with varying lengths for the rest.

Double Drawn Type 1

double drawn hair

Offering a fuller effect in comparison to the single drawn type, with 70-80% hairs are of the same length, the double drawn type 1 is of our company priority as they are not only thicker, fair in terms of length distribution but the price is also very reasonable.

Double Drawn Type 2

double drawn hair

The double drawn type 2 is sometimes called the super double drawn, as nearly a hundred percent of the strands are at the same length, which contributes to the ultimate boost of volume to your natural hair. Nevertheless, the fact that the double drawn hair type 2’s superior quality make it more costly than the other types, depending on how long the hair you want to buy is. 

How to Take Care of the 18 Inches Hair Extensions

Why do we need to take care of 18 inch hair extensions?

While synthetic hairs won’t be as high maintenance as its counterpart, the 18 inches human hair extensions require much effort to keep them long-lasting. In other words, if not taken care of properly, your 18 inches weaves will end up damaging your own hair in just a matter of weeks. A reason for this is that as they are actual human hair extracted from the host, they involve a lot of hair care rituals. As a result, the extensions won’t be able to get the natural oils produced from your scalp, which plays the role of nourishing the tresses. That’s why proper cares are of the ultimate need for your extensions. 

hair care for hair extensions

How to take care of 18 inch hair extensions?

Some important steps you should highlight in your daily hair care regime are deep conditioning your hair, using nourishing oils such as coconut or olive oils to supply the required nutrition to your extensions and washing your hair extensions weekly so as to keep it sanitized and to ensure that there is no residue on it. A proper brushing routine is of great importance, as you won’t want your hair to get tangled when you’re using it. It is recommendable that you gently brush your extensions twice a day using a loop brush.

18 inch hairstyle

Apostore’s 18 Inches Hair Extensions

Hair textures

In Apostore, we supply the 18 inches hair extensions in all textures and colors. There are now 12 main textures available at APO Hair – Kinky, Yaki, Natural Wavy, Body Wavy, Deep Wavy, Water Body Wavy, Deep Curly, Fumi Curly, Kinky Curly, Loose Curly, and Romantic Curly, being classified into 3 categories: straight, wavy, and curly. 

hair textures

Hair quality

Our products are 100% made of Vietnamese human Remy hair, which is considered the thickest hair texture among all. You can rest assured that our 18 inches hair extensions enable you to dye or style in any way you would like without worrying that the hair will get damaged or tangled. In terms of hair colors, we have a wide range of color palettes for you to choose from, from the most basic black to ombré, blonde, red, or even piano color. There are many options for you to change your hairstyle. It's time you came with us and picked up the latest as well as the most beautiful products, right? Thousands of types of hair products in our collection are waiting for you. 

Vietnamese human remy hair

Apostore takes care to provide the highest-quality items trusted by many customers, as well as provide the best customer service. We inform our customers of the most reasonable deals, customer favorites, and wear-worthy products of ours. For more on our product, make sure that you subscribe and share your story in the comment section below.