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Nobody can deny the role of hairstyle on our appearance. Having a fabulous hairstyle not only makes sure of healthy hair but also lets you more confident under any circumstances. For that fact, the hair care routine becomes more and more vital and it is not difficult to understand why we always have to set and answer one question “How much hair product should you be using in your hair?”. Since each head of hair is quite different, it requires different amounts of hair products. Stay some more minutes on this page and be with us to find out some tips that might be useful for your protecting, taking care and growing hair.

Leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is one of the most basic hair products that is usually applied to our hair, especially human hair extensions. This type of product help moisturizing the hair, making hair extensions more natural, stronger and longer-lasting. It is clear that the leave-in conditioner is an ideal product that is suitable for all types of hair for both men and women.

If you are wondering about the suitable quantity, then this is how much product you should be using for your hair? To use a leave-in conditioner, the first thing you should do is to determine whether your natural hair is super short or above your ears. At this time, use a blueberry-sized of leave-in conditioner and styling balm. In another case, when your hair hits your shoulders, use a raspberry-sized amount. How about bra-strap length? When the end of your hair touches the position of your bra, divide your hair into two sections and keep on using a kumquat-sized amount of leave-in conditioner on both sizes. For the remaining ability when you are having thicker-than-average hair, double that amount for each length.

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Choosing an ideal amount of shampoo depends on many factors but there are three important ones which are hair texture, hair length and hair thickness. You may know that short or fine hair would certainly require much less shampoo than long and thicker strands.

So, this is how much product you should be using for your hair in the process of shampooing your hair. If your hair is thicker or curlier, increase that amount to quarter size. In the process of shampooing, there are three areas that you need to focus on: the scalp, the nape and behind the ears.

Depending on your hair length, you should pick up a suitable amount of shampoo for your hair. Basically, you should use one or two olive-sized portions when shampooing your hair. Further when you have the feeling like your hair is extremely dirty, don’t forget to follow the lather, rinse, repeat rule. Especially, using shampoo for your scalp can help you remove pollutants and keep your hair healthier.


This is truly how much product you should use if it is a serum. The serum would be a better choice when you have a burning desire for a punk look. However, whatever purpose the serum is used for, you always need to be careful when applying it. The vital thing is that you have to take note of all the application instructions. Serums are highly recommended to use for the ends of wet hair. If you get a fine hair, then you should measure out a portion the size of a grain of rice. Remember one thing, less is more.

In case you require a bit more moisture and shine, you can consider adding one extra pump at a time. Never overuse serum as when your hair is fine, serums can easily be on the heavier side and therefore, give your hair a greasy texture, which is an unwanted thing.


Gel has been used for a very long time and up to now, it is still a popular choice of many people. About the quantity of gel, if you are going to make curls or style short hair, apply no more than a couple of sprays of a blackberry-shapes portion.

Hair mask

When it comes to a hair mask, most of us will also ask " How much this product should be used for our hair?". Like our skin, the hair also has its own mask. The hair mask is widely applied as it is extremely good for battling frizz or split-ends. The best way to determine a suitable amount of hair mask you should use is to read the instructions on your favorite products. Generally, it is quite the same as a golf ball-sized portion, which is enough to coat the strands and drench with moisture.

It is harmful if you tend to use too much hair products as it not only damages your hair but also wastes much of your expense. Being made of 100% human hair extensions, all hair extensions produced by Apohair can also be applied with those hair products above. You should always take care of hair extensions like the way you concern your natural hair, including the use of a suitable amount of hair products. Apohair hopes that with our tips in this post, you can find out the best way to take care of your hair properly.