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Do you wonder about our title for this blog post? Do you think that it is important to tell your hairdresser all the hair problems to find the best solution? Why do we advise that there are still a few things you should not tell the hairdresser? All will be made clear right here.

Just take an inch off

Please think carefully before you like to have your hair cut. Never say that you love to hair to be cut an inch or more. You need to remember that your concept of an inch is not the same as that of a hairdresser. When your haircut is shorter than what you expect, then you know it is true.

So what should you say? In this case, the best way is that you show the hairdresser directly the amount of hair that you want to cut. To be more easily, hold your hair and then point to the ideal length you want for your own hairstyle

I have never had my hair dyed

Although it has been three years since you last had your hair dyed, please be honest to your hairdresser. There is no point in telling lies in this situation.

If you try to make hairdresser believe that you are having a virgin and uncolored hair, then as a habit, they keep applying a formula which is more different than that of a colored hair. Here, things can become worse when finally, you may get a broken with lots of damages.

As a result, there is no reason for you to refuse to say the truth to your hairdresser. When you are honest, it will be much easier for your hairdresser to make a careful choice about how they are going to color your hair.

I have much time to style my hair in the morning

In fact, you do not have too much time for your styling hair. So, why do you need to tell lie? When you say that, your hairdresser will make a haircut which is suitable for your lifestyle. And it will be so bad if the hairstyle which needs 15 minutes to make is designed like the way a hairstyle which is just in 5-minute preparation.

Do not show others that you know how to use a curling wand if you actually don’t. Try to be honest. If you just have some minutes to style your hair before going out, just tell them. We believe that you will get the best solution from your stylist for this problem.

Apohair hopes that you can a hair with the best color which makes you be more beautiful and confident in your daily life.