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It is commonly believed that coloring is the fastest way to create a new change for your hairstyle. Come on, ladies, today will be a completely different experience. Let’s check out what it is with all the things we are going to share you now about highlights. Apohair thanks for your reading and supporting for us in all aspects of hair extensions we are working.

What are the advantages of highlight?

Many people love to have a new color for their present hairstyle but in fact, a lot of people are also hesitant about color treating their entire head of hair. In such situations, we have a solution for you and it is highlight.

Certainly, you will be surprised at how much different a few highlights can make to completely change your complexion. Basically, highlight does not require a complete change of hair color to enhance your look. If you do know how to choose the proper hair color for your hairstyle, don’t worry, these blog post will provide you specific guide all about the process of making a highlight. As a result, you will easily determine your own skin tone and decide what tones flatter it best.

Determine your skin tone

The first thing you need to do in the process of determining what color of highlight you should apply is to determine your skin tone. Actually, skin tone is easy to realize because there are many different characteristics relating to this issue. However, here we just recommend the most popular factor, that is, decide whether the skin tone is warm or cool. So, how to explore this interesting thing?

Generally, you can understand that warm skin tone often pulls yellow and golden undertones whereas cool skin tone has blue and pink undertones. There are many ways that you can apply to determine your skin tone such as checking your wrists, checking your eyes, try the jewelry test or getting your skin tone professionally matched. Having a through a way of using these methods, you will definitely know which skin tone you are owning.

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Hair extensions for highlights

One more trick to instant highlight without dye is that if you can’t wait to have a new highlight, just try on high light for hair extensions. However, if you are still nervous or unsure in the decision to highlight color, check hair extensions first! Truth is, you do not need to all the times going to a hair salon and have your hair made a highlight. There are many other different ways to achieve highlight or lowlights. Apohair extensions can be listed in the top choices of many customers for their new hairstyles. We have various options for all of you to get highlights to your hair.

Tips to match your skin tone with highlights

Don’t skip this part if you really want to learn more about the most suitable highlight for your hairstyle. Once you’ve clearly understood about your skin tone, choose the color for the highlight. One basic rule for all of you when picking a hair color is getting any tones which are opposite to that of your skin. For example, a warm tone of the skin will easily match with a cool shade of highlight and vice versa.

  • Ash blonde

Mentioning to another thick to instant highlight without dye, we can never forget to tell you more about ash blonde. This is the best selection for girls who have cool skin with reddish or pink undertones. You can find out that in the hair market today, lots of ash blonde tone are available such as platinum, ice, silver or champagne blonde. And whatever tone it is, the highlight will always work effectively to counteract any ruddiness in the skin, which brings a beautiful and new look for your hairstyle. Ash blonde is also the highlight effect which is the companion of many celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus. These highlights never make our idol disappointed when they can appear confidently in the red carpet. So meaningful!

  • Warm blonde

Warm blonde draws us more to an imagination of Gigi Hadid. This highlight is specially applied for those with olive or cooler skin tones with blue undertones. In terms of warm tone, you can choose among honey, caramel or amber highlight. All of them can work perfectly and give you the best look.

  • Cool brown

Being designed in the shades of mocha, rich chocolate or ash brown, this cool brown highlight is becoming more and more outstanding when it looks so pretty on people who possess warm skill tones with yellow undertones. To be more specific, this highlight help add cool-toned, rich brown highlights and as a result, cool brown will fit warmer skin tones to brighten and lighten the complexion without adding too much warmth.

New highlight, new appearance, new you, are you ready. Do not hesitate to ask us if you want to find out more information for the trick to instant highlight without dye. We will, by all our effort, try to bring you the most useful news that can help you much in the process of pursuing a perfect beauty.