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Lace wigs have become a favorite accessory of women recently. It can be denied about the wonderful advantage of lace wigs. They bring back confidence and beauty just in a couple of hours of application. However, lace wigs require some kind of glues to keep them stay still in our head. There are variety kinds of adhesive, and they can make you confused because you may not know which of them is good or suitable for your skin.

When choosing a lace wig you should take into consideration about which kind of glues for your lace wig, and how long you plan to wear it. Different people would choose different glues, and it depends on their body chemistry. Lace wigs glue consist two main kinds in general- soft bond glues and hard bond glues.

You may feel complicated about adhesives for lace wigs because you have too many options on the market. If you are looking for the lace wig adhesives used for long term, you find the right place here. This article will give you some kind of exceptional lace wig adhesives for long term wear.

  1. Ultra Hold Adhesive

Ultra Hold is known as one kind of soft bonds. It contains acrylic adhesive, isopropanol, Ethyl Acetate, Heptane and Toluene. All these ingredients help glue dries clearer and stay stronger.

You are wondering if Ultra Hold whether suitable with you skin or not? You don’t have to worry about that because Ultra Hold makes a great work with all skin types, and both women and men can use freely.

The life span of Ultra hold seems very long. You can maximum take use of it from three to five weeks. Clearly, it’s life span is far more than many other kind of glues for lace glue. Moreover, if you can guarantee the good condition like suitable temperature, humidity, and your body oils, Ultra Hold would last for 6 weeks.


Ultra hold is absolutely perfect idea for the long term wearing lace wigs. You should try once.

  1. Great White Adhesive

Great White Adhesive is considered as a perfect alternative to Ultra Hold. Great White Adhesive basically contains the main ingredients same as Ultra Hold, but the it also contains Puriflied Water, Hydrophilic Acid copolymer resins ( Latex free). It leads to the result of helping to prevent bacteria and make the glue stay fresher and longer.

Great White Adhesive has received many good reactions from customers about its life span. They are very happy because lace wig stay still in their head up to 5 weeks if they keep the good temperature, humility and body oils.

So there are two most effective adhesives for lace wigs in long term wear. Hope you enjoy.