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Christmas tree hair – one of the most iconic hairstyles of Christmas - is a trend that started becoming popular last year. Now, it comes back this holiday season and we have to admit, it’s such a stylish and cute hairstyle! The Daily Mail describes the Christmas tree hair as when “people style their hair into an upside-down cone shape, mimicking a Christmas tree before decorating their strands with ornaments.”

Christmas tree hair

Moreover, the Daily Mail article states that “A video by What’s Trending said the hairstyle was achieved by placing an empty water bottle or cone on top of your head as a guide.” They continue, “And then your hair was smoothed up over the top of the bottle or cone and held in place with a hair elastic and hair spray.”

Whoever is actually trying out the Christmas tree hair must be a hairstylist or have a professional one because it’s so hard for you could get your hair to stand up like that! However, some of the looks are super Christmassy and cuter than we imagine. Here’s another favorite below!

You’ll Need Some Pretty Strong Hairspray

If your hair is long enough to try this, a massive bottle of extra hold hairspray is certainly necessary for you to keep it staying in the tree shape. You’ll also need some items and potentially a neck brace because that seems to be heavy once you put the decorations on it.

It’s Not Just For Women!

Christmas tree hairstyle

With the Instagram hashtag #Christmastreehair proves, men can also get in on the fun as long as their hair is long enough. And why shouldn’t they? Why not? Christmas tree hair doesn’t have a gender - they’re all about spreading holiday joy, vibes and this hairstyle definitely accomplishes that.

Men Are Decorating Their Beards Too

hairstyles for Christmas

In addition to the Christmas tree hair trend that is becoming more and more popular, men are also decorating their beards for the holiday season. Some are getting very festive when their beard is dyed green and added ornaments and lights, while others are even going for a more understated look by adding fake snow and light decorations.

You’ll Be The Talk Of Your Next Get-Together If You Do This

Imagine when you turn up to your office Christmas party or even your family are gathering with Christmas tree hair! Not only will you get some serious laughs but you’ll also be remembered forever as the person with the most hilariously seasonal hair ever. Be confident, enjoy your Christmas and give it a try!

Christmas hairstyle

In general, these looks aren’t for the faint of heart but would be pretty amazing to wear to an ugly sweater party or a crazy Christmas party. If you have to use your car to go somewhere, make sure your head can fit it first.

Christmas tree style

When your hair looks like an actual tree, add in ornaments, tinsel, lights, and whatever decorations you think will suit and look best. You may want to choose some that won’t really weigh down your hair too much or it could cause the “tree” to topple over.

Mini Christmas tree hair

It’s a suitable solution if you don’t want to stick out too much - you could create a hairstyle with a mini Christmas tree in the back of your head with a braided look. You just simply put your hair into two side ponytails and braid the center with green ribbon to look like a Christmas tree. Check out this photo to see clearly.

mini Christmas tree hair

There is an entire hashtag of Christmas tree hair available on most social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,... Entering the hashtag, you can see all the different and crazy hair creations, hair version! Responding to the above picture, one person says that “Omg that’s awesome. He’s like a Christmas gnome on steroids!” People really love a good Christmas trend!

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