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We would never forget Taylor Swift any moment we heard about a singer who is famous for her sweet voice in lots of country songs. What makes us come closer to Taylor and her familiar melodies is when we can get a sense like we’ve known almost all belonged to our pretty singer through all the narrative songs about her personal life. The question “How do our celebrities look like without makeup” has for a long time become a really hot topic among lots of people. Follow us now to find out some special images of Taylor Swift no makeup and, definitely, you are going to get an even broader picture of our talented singer’s life.

1. Be free on the field

Agree with us that this is a pure and great picture of Taylor without no makeup on the field. Just a simple style with a sports shirt, the singer quickly draws much attention by her amazing eyes and just perfectly white teeth smile.

The bare face of our Taylor Swift without makeup is really an attractive appearance. Her beauty expressed in the peaceful field exactly describes Taylor’s sweet look. That is the true beauty of a country singer, also one of the world’s leading contemporary recording artists.

Apostore believes it would not be a surprise when you know that Taylor Swift is one of the most famous pop vocals who supports the trend of wearing no makeup.

2. Be like a high school girl

No lipstick, no eyeliner, our girl looks quite natural with her no-makeup face. Do you realize any difference among the pictures of Taylor Swift without makeup and her full makeup when she appears in the important events? The clearest thing you can see, according to us, should be the contrast.

You will see a Taylor Swift in full makeup for her video song or for an award appearance. At this time, the beauty of our singer is more than the stunningly powerful look. The typical examples may be here some of her greatest songs such as “Look what you made me do” or the animated “Shake it off”. In the two videos, you love Taylor more as you are looking at a woman that is so powerful and strong.

Back to the style of the high schoolgirl, Taylor Swift puts on no makeup. Loose braid hairstyle makes our girl so light and therefore, she looks exactly like any 20-year-old girl.

3.Taylor Swift before fame

You may not believe in your eyes, but believe it, ladies, this is the true beauty of Taylor Swift with no makeup before she becomes a famous singer and songwriter – one of America’s most loved singers in the world.

It is easy to understand as you can see in the picture, Taylor Swift without makeup is the time when she is a young and beautiful girl. Her curly blonde hair is, never doubt, a perfect match with her pretty green eyes.

Taylor has successfully managed to capture all her fan’s hearts with her unique and distinctive style and voice – the beauty linked to her lovely and innocent appearance.

4.Fresh-face for street style

This picture was taken on a lovely day of 2016 when our singer decided to step out for a casual outing in New York. No makeup of Taylor Swift was found her as she chose to wear a check shirt and denim jeans.

One more time refusing here full makeup, our idol is going on the street in her highest spirit. We would see that Taylor Swift without makeup is leaving her Tribeca apartment in her denim overalls and sneakers.

5. Ready for a summer trip

The outstanding picture was taken on a beach when our singer is on her summer vacation. Just no makeup, Taylor emphasized her beauty with a simple bag and a floral patterned dress. Wearing a pair of sunglasses, she never loses her confidence even when there is no makeup existing here.

6. Taylor Swift and her winter style

Wow, don’t deny that you are not attracted by this beauty. Her deep eyes have got much of our interest and attention. She is now wearing a polka-dotted shirt with brown pants. The most fabulous point here will certainly be her hairstyle. Her hair at this picture fell in golden locks from under the beanie. Taylor puts absolutely no makeup on her face but still looks so glamorous.

7. Being on a cold day

Taylor Swift had no makeup here. However, she stood out with her red coat and blue jeans for this style. By that time, our girl was carrying a leather sling bad. No word can truly express the beauty of our charming and cute girl.

8. Taylor Swift of the teenage years

Look at this and you will be amazed at the picture of a younger Taylor Swift with no makeup. The picture has let us see how adorable she was and of course, that lovely look is still so perfect until today.

9. Taylor signing autographs

You are now seeing that Taylor Swift is signing autographs and this picture express how pretty she is without makeup. We believe that not many celebrities would be as comfortable as she is in this circumstance.

10. Continue to her natural beauty

It would be not enough if you don’t see this picture – a picture of her normal life with her family. When Taylor Swift’s off all her full makeup, she still looks perfect. That calls the wonderful example of her natural beauty.

What do you think about those lovely pictures of our wonderful girl? A Taylor Swift without makeup is a singer who is never shy or hesitate to “shake off” all her makeup and be free with her natural beauty. The most important thing here is that you should always be confident to be yourself, it would be the key for the most perfect appearances. For other interesting looks of many celebrities without makeup, please visit Apostore’ website and you will have really great experience.