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Summer is fully swaying all around. You can have bright colors, flowy fabrics not only on clothes, but also on accessories. Besides bobby pins, headscarves are the ultimate summer hair accessory. By wearing a headscarf, you can easily cover any greasy, sweary roots on hot days, or enhance your summer hairstyle with a beautiful, brightly colored silk or chiffon scarf. Today, we will show you beautiful summer hairstyles which all blend with headscarves.

How to choose the right headscarf

To make sure that your headscarf can incorporate beautifully with your hairstyles, we recommend to choose a lightweight, smooth fabric. You can get the 100% silk one or satin headscarves. 100% silk is luxurious and easy to work with. Satin headscarves have a beautiful sheen and a wide range of colors. These two fabrics are both thin and smooth, they can glide and weave into your hair with minimal damage. You shouldn’t use heavier fabrics like cotton, because they can create friction on your hair and may damage your cuticles.

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Summer hairstyles with headscarves

Low braided ponytail

Step 1: Create loose waves in your hair.

Step 2: Add a 2-clip weft hair extensions to each side of your head, just below your temple. This will make sure that the braids you are going to create are nice and thick. 

Step 3: Take a thick section of hair from one side and create a tight 3 strand braid, remember to braid the hair toward the back of your head. Braiding the hair in this direction will keep the braid nice and smooth against your head. Tie the end of your hair with an elastic.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 on the other side of your head.

Step 5: Pull sections and carefully tug on them to make the braid look fuller and thicker while pancaking the braids.

Step 6: Gather the two braid along with all the rest of your hair, and pull it back into a low ponytail. 

Step 7: Take your favorite scarf, tie it around the elastic. And boom! A sweet summer hairstyle appear.

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The blended scarf bun

Step 1: Tie your hair in a mid-level ponytail.

Step 2: Roll your scarf to form a long band. Tie the ends together, so it resembles a headband.

Step 3: Pass the scarf over the ponytail, twist it around the base, and pass it partially over the ponytail, so the ends aren’t pulled through completely. Clip up the ends so that they stay in place.

Step 4: Divide the hair that was pulled through the scarf in half to form two Cs. Merge each section of hair to the scarf side near it.

Step 5: Loop one scarf and hair side over and through the other.

Step 6: Unclip the ends and pin them within the bun. This will make the bun appear bigger.

Step 7: Secure the bun with more pins and spritz some hairspray all over it.

Half up hairstyle with fishtail braid

Step 1: Clip a 3-clip or 4-clip weft hair extensions at the crown of your head so that your fishtail braid is full and thick.

Start by clipping in either a 3-clip or 4-clip weft from your Luxy Hair extensions at the crown of your head. This extra hair will ensure that your fishtail braid is full and thick.

Step 3: Create a half fishtail braid at the back of your hair. Separate the top half of your hair into two sections, take a small section of hair from one side of your head, pull it to the back, and cross it over. Repeat on the other side and keep going, adding a bit more hair each time.

Step 3: Once your fishtail braid is 4-5 inches long, Secure it with an elastic and leave the rest of the braid loose.

Step 4: Pull that fishtail braid apart for a thicker look

Step 5: Take your headscarf, loosely roll it up from corner to corner, then tie it over the elastic to spice up this half up hairstyle with color. You can either double knot the headscarf and leave the ends loose and flowy or tie it in a bow.

Classic ponytail braid

Step 1: Gather all your hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. 

Step 2: Create a tight 3 strand braid and secure with an elastic at the bottom.

Step 4: Now it’s time for pancaking

Step 5: Grab your headscarf, roll it up, and tie it around your ponytail at the top or the bottom. If you tie the headscarf at the top, you can leave the ends loose. If you tie it at the bottom, a bow would look beautiful. Either way, you can customize this headscarf hairstyle however you want.

Whatever kind of hair extensions you decide on, let APO Hair be your guides to your journey to beautiful hair.