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How does it feel like waking up, looking at the mirror and seeing your no-makeup face every morning? Some feel awesome, some feel self-conscious, some even feel sick. And if you are in the last two groups, watching YouTuber SSSniperwolf without makeup face would make you think again.

SSSniperwolf is a British 1992-born Youtuber. Thanks to her parents’ constant support for her passion for computer games, SSSniperwolf is now a well-known Youtuber with over 15 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. As a result, her personal life and lifestyle are always a topic for us to discuss. And, it would be a big mistake if we miss out on her beautiful bare face. Let’s take a look at how charming the young SSSniperwolf without makeup is.

An amazing look

If you follow her on her personal channel, you can get the chance to see SSSniperwolf without makeup in some of her videos. And let us tell you something, she looks completely youthful without foundation and smoky eyes. SSSniperwolf is splendid with full makeup, I mean who doesn’t? – but, she looks even better deciding not to wear makeup. Her skin looks flawless, her eyebrows look sharp, and there is no trace of tiredness or dark circles under her eyes.

Her charming eyes

Those who truly care about beauty would know that beauty is not about going out with a glamorous full-makeup face, it is about how to get beautiful and healthy skin inside out, how to look as gorgeous as SSSniperwolf without makeup. In case you’re still skeptical, SSSniperwolf is the typical evidence. Her skin looks silky smooth even in her live stream video, and she is 100% happy about her no-makeup look. She shows us how it is free too embrace your flaws and be proud of how you look.

An attractive fresh face

This picture of SSSniperwolf with no makeup, absolute casual clothing and straight dark hair is our favorite. This picture proved that one’s bare face could be much prettier than her full-on. Furthermore, going out wearing full-face makeup is very common nowadays, so why not try doing something special and unique?

Along with her no makeup appearance is her simple black hair. Despite the simplicity in her hair color, SSSniperwolf still attracts much attention by her own beauty. Black hair never makes our Youtuber bored. Weft straight black hair of Apohair will definitely let you be yourself with your bare face. 

A bright smile for a new thing

In fact, leaving your face natural is now growing as a beauty trend, and SSSniperwolf definitely caught that fast. Just sitting in her streaming room, casually talking and smiling with us is enough for SSSniperwolf with no makeup to looks like a Goddess. Her smile only is enough to take our hearts away. What we’re trying to say here is that all of you are beautiful, there no need to put one heavy makeup or dress fancy to catch people’ attention, all you have to do is be yourself, be happy for who you are and be confident about your natural look.

Having said that, we still recommend you some skincare tips that you might want to know in order to have healthy glowing skin. So let’s go and take a look, shall we?

Tip 1: Drink More Water

It might be tempting to grab a cup of hot coffee in the morning, choosing the right types of drinks to make your skincare game change. Instead of coffee, try a shot of chlorophyll every morning – you will find your skin brightened, oxygenated and hydrated. Chlorophyll will help drain puffiness and stimulate lymphatic drainage, so you will look fresh and energetic later on your day.

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Tip 2: Maintain Healthy Diet

True beauty comes from the inside – literally. Dr. Joanna Vargas – an expert in the skincare field suggests that you should have flax seeds or walnuts in your salad to boost omega-3 to increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture. And a small note for you is that you should limit the amount of food with a high glycemic index as they may not very beneficial for your skin.

Tip 3: Don’t Touch Your Face

This sounds nonsense but actually the most important, touching your face with your fingers or even hair can spread bacteria, thus causes breakouts and eventually leads to scarring. Therefore, bear in mind that you keep your face away from other objects.

Have you felt any better after this post? We have. If you have any doubts about yourself, just come back to this post, look at the beautiful bare face of no-makeup SSSniperwolf and follow our skincare tip. We sure you will kill your own game with this. All of us are beautiful and all you need is confidence. Make sure to leave us your comments. Should you have any questions, come to us at – we’re always available to talk beauty tips and answers your queries about hair. We wish you a great day and lots of love.