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People usually say that we should be the best version of ourselves, so do you be the best version of yourself? Have you ever made a different hairstyle that you have never done before? It is worth to give it a try. But if you are owning a purple-dyed hair, have you ever wanted to add a bit mysterious brown to it? If you have this intention, this article would be your best advice for you before you do something that makes you regret after.

So what is the result if we put brown dye on purple hair?

Let use two crayons to make a small experience. To make a purple, we need to make a mixture of red and blue. And what about brown? It is made of red and green. What happens if we put brown dye on purple hair ? This question may make many people a little bit confused. However, the result is not quite surprising because you would not see the clearly different new color, but this mixture would bring the shape of both brown and purple. It sounds fascinating, right?

In reality, does this theory really happen? Actually, when the color is not crayons, it is from your hair, the result is affected by many factors. So if we put brown dye on purple hair, if the result does not follow your expectations, the reason may come from one of these factors below.

Hydrogen peroxide

Will there be anything else happening if you put brown to your purple dyed hair? The result is that your hair turns out a blonde or silver hair, Hydrogen peroxide is the main reason for that. Hydrogen peroxide is one of three main substances in brown colorant- the most popular colorants in the world today.

So what Hydrogen peroxide does to your hair? It would weaken your hair and make it more fatigue. Your hair is easier to be damaged and the result turns out your hair becomes brighter than the theory.


It is said that Ammonia would damage the cuticle of the hair to take the dyed color in. As you may know, the cuticle is important to our hair in the same as the skin is important to our body. Once the cuticle is gone, your hair is very weak and damaged easily.

The problem is without Ammonia the color is so difficult to mix in fluently with your hair so we have to find the solution for that. Your purple hair after put brown would turn into a creamy yellow.

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Colorants are the final factor affecting the result of putting brown in purple-dyed hair. Besides Hydrogen peroxide, it is the last part of three main substances in brown colorant.

Too many colorants would make your hair damaged, but too little colorants would make your hair purple rather than brown. So you need to take it into consideration about colorants.

There will be different results if you try to put brown hair on purple hair. Let's try and find out the best stunning hairstyle for your very new appearance.