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With Christmas and New Year Eve right around the corner and the holiday season is officially here, we are seeing more and more beauty lovers on social media getting on the holiday spirit. And if you wanna join in this Christmas vibes, changing your hair color may be ideal. You wanna totally reinvent your look? Give your hair color a try. You may feel overwhelmed with so many colors out there, let us help you save your time with this blog post. Scroll down and explore 10 Brilliant Christmas Hair colors.

Red And Green

red and green hair color

If you really want to show your Christmas spirit, green and red hair is the must-try way to go. It just takes one glance at these hair colors for Christmas hairstyles to determine how meaning they are for Christmas!

There are so many fun ways for you to apply bold red and green colors into your hair. Highlights, peek-a-boo streaks, all-over color, and balayage are all great ways to add these iconic colors of Christmas to your hair.

Candy Cane Hair

candy cane hair color

So crazy idea, nothing says Christmas like a nice, tasty candy cane!

Candy Cane Hair is our absolute favorite idea for a Christmas hair color! It’s so unique and creative for you to upgrade your look to a whole new level and make it stand out among the crowd.

Silver Hair

silver hair color

We’re gonna kick off the list with a stunning Christmas hair color - good ‘ole silver hair as we know silver is a color typically used in Christmas decor. Additionally, it’s a cooler-toned color that resembles ice and for that reason, it’s also a suggestion for winter hair color.

Golden Red Balayage

golden red hair color

Most colors on this hair color list are different variations of typical Christmas colors. With this color, you know, it’s pretty common to see red and gold used together in Christmas things. What a cool way to highlight that idea with some gold and red balayage.

Smoky Blue

smoky blue hair color

To join in the Christmas atmosphere, you can change your appearance by dyeing an exciting hair color and strongly evoke a sense of freedom. Try applying a shade of smoky blue or blue highlights. You can look more fashionable with this Christmas hair color if you do it the right way. To get it, you can’t skip the bleaching process so you should ask your hairstylist for some help. Moreover, remember that the color will fade soon, learn about some tips and tricks to keep the blue longer.

Steel Teal

steel teal hair

We highly suggest the idea of mixing green and silver together to make a fancy, fun Christmas hair color. We feel like you can use any shade of green (including teal), and it could be either vibrant or faded to make you stand out. Either way, it’s still gonna look like Christmas.

Strawberry Blonde

strawberry blonde hair

If you really want a warm hair color for Christmas and winter, sunny strawberry blonde is an ideal you should give a try. In spite of belonging to the red group, it is lighter than red hair. Applying it, you can light the surroundings and warm up the Christmas atmosphere. In addition, you can dye the root with ash rose color to highlight your tresses.  What a cute hair color for Christmas! We are sure that you will love this color as it looks gorgeous.

Icy Blonde

icy blonde hair

Like silver hair, an icy platinum or ash blonde represents white snow and cold weather, which remind us about the vibes and go hand-in-hand with Christmas. We’d say that the cooler the tones, the better when it comes to blonde this year.

Smokey Grey

smokey grey hair

If you think that grey color is boring, you might be wrong. Carefully consider, you can find out tons of fashionable and stylish grey shade that you can try at Christmas. And smokey grey is an outstanding hair color that is the most favorite among them. Its subtlety will never let you down. The smokey will fade into a subtle and soft blonde which can even create a more undone look. Maintaining this look is easy by using a slate grey shampoo.

Rose Gold

rose gold hair

So many colors pass by and let’s get back to the gold colors, but with a twist. You know I am all about that rose gold everything. We feel like rose gold is the perfect Christmas hair color because it’s classy, elegant, and fun! You will love everything about it.

Christmas and New Year Eve is a magical time of year, filled with wonder and excitement. We hope you have an amazing holiday with your beautiful hair color and your love! Hope all your wishes come true!

YOUR TURN:  What do you think about these Christmas hair colors above? Are you gonna try any of them? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below! Thank for your attention!