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There will be some days when you feel tired of your old-fashioned hairstyle and those are exactly the ideal moments for you to experience new hair colors. When it comes to various options for the hair dye, you may be a little bit shocked as there are some specific terms in the hair industry such as highlight, lowlight, permanent hair color, semi-permanent hair color, demi-permanent hair color or hair chalk. Especially, semi-permanent hair color has lately attracted much attention from the public. You should not be confused as right now we are going to provide you a full explanation of this hair color and also, answer you whether we can put semi permanent color over highlights.

What is highlight?

Before going into the details, Apostore would help you clarify the concept of “highlight”. In fact, highlight, for a long time, has become a very familiar word to many people, especially the young. The trend of having a highlight dye has therefore ranked as one of the leading trends among many reliable hair salons. However, the truth is that not all can understand and know exactly what it is.


The operating principle of highlight dye is the process of oxidation which helps remove your own natural hair color. This method is a perfect option if you are looking for a lighter shade for your hair color. In a highlight hairstyle, there will be some hair strands that are brighter than others, which creates a very dynamic look for women. Basically, the final result of the highlighting process is a yellow tint, allowing some part of your hair to be outstanding.

What is a semi-permanent hair color?

To know if we can put semi-permanent color over highlights, we need also determine what semi-permanent hair color is.

Actually, you can understand a semi-permanent hair color as a temporary hair color which can give you a much more natural look. Even when you are just a newcomer, this hair color can easily be achieved.

Semi-permanent hair color does not contain peroxide so instead of making the hair lighter, it enables the hair to be darker. Its own name “semi-permanent” expresses that this hair color can only last about six to twelve shampoos. The main reason for this short longevity is that the color only remains in the outermost layer of the hair.

If you are having a passion for a more shining hairstyle but for some reasons such as you are shy, you are not ready enough or you are afraid of a new change, semi-permanent hair color will immediately appear as the best choice.

Can we put a semi-permanent hair color over highlight?

You’ve made an attractive but suddenly you think of one day in the future when the hairstyle becomes old. You wonder whether it is possible if you want to add one more option such as a semi-permanent hair color to your natural hair. Absolutely! However, there are some strict rules requiring you to follow if you love having a perfect semi-permanent hair color over highlight.

Apostore now will present you two typical possibilities in which you can make use of to get semi-permanent hair color over highlights. The key factor in the success of this method is that you should find a reliable, skillful and experienced hairstylist who can make sure of your dyeing process.

- The first situation: You are tired of your present highlights and want to find something new. In this case, we highly recommend that you should turn your highlight back to its very original (natural) color. As highlight hair is more porous and prone to damages, the best way for you to turn your highlights to its natural color is to put back in what has been already taken out. Before applying semi-permanent hair color over highlights, try to determine the suitable gloss. Some outstanding circumstances we have listed here for you:

  • Choose a red tone gloss in case your highlights need going back to some dark hair color such as black or dark brown
  • Pick up a copper-gold tone gloss when you love turning highlights to medium brown or dark blonde
  • Decide to apply gold-tone gloss if the highlights need going back to a light blonde tone

- The second situation: You want to directly apply semi-permanent hair color over highlights without waiting for many hours of going back highlights to the natural color. This is a really hard task and it requires a lot of skill as well as experience. We highly recommend that you should choose the first option as it can bring better and more effective results. In case you insist on choosing this second one, our suggestion is that you should go to the hair salon and get the support from a professional hairstylist.

Changing hair color, in fact, is really an interesting task. However, it is important for you to get full knowledge about the way to apply as well as the operating principle of each hair dye. For semi-permanent hair color over highlights, it will be best if you can ask for some pieces of advice from hairstylists. If you love that hair dye but your hair is not thick enough, don’t even feel shy to look for some hair extensions. Human hair extensions from Apostore are 100% Vietnamese human remy hair from Vietnamese donors so we make sure that putting semi-permanent hair color over highlights for Apostore’s hair products are absolutely possible. Contact us now if you need further information about our products or tips for the best hairstyles.