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There are many ways to tie a ponytail. However, one important thing is that you need to make sure if that hairstyle can match your face shape or not. At the same time, you should determine the best color for your favorite hairstyle. In this article, we would like to focus more on the best blonde ponytail hairstyle. Keep reading to find your love with this beautiful method for a new change in your appearance.
blonde ponytail hairstyle

What is ponytail hairstyle?

Ponytail style is one of the most popular hairstyles for the young. In the past, many choose ponytail as this method is easy to apply. That’s why it is not too difficult to understand what it is. A ponytail refers to the hairstyle in which some, most or even all of the hair on our head is pulled away from the face, then gathered and secured at the back of the head with a hair tie, an elastic band, clip or other similar devices.
ponytail hairstyle
Many people wonder why we call it a ponytail hairstyle. Actually, this style gets its name due to its resemblance to the undocked tail of a horse or a pony. You can tie a ponytail in lots of ways, but the most common are ones gathered in the middle of the back of the head or the base of the neck.

How to achieve the best blonde ponytail hairstyle?

Not just only black color, ponytail hairstyle is beautiful when it is combined with many different hair colors such as dark brown, light brown, blonde or even red, highly and ombre color. Especially, girls with long blonde ponytail hairstyles look extremely attractive. So, how to achieve this gorgeous hairstyle?
blonde ponytail hair
You may consider blonde ponytail as a complicated hairstyle due to the fact that blonde color, itself, is hard to make. However, in this modern life, just relax. You can easily get the best blonde ponytail with two following methods.

The first method is to dye your own hair directly in blonde color.

Like other dyeing methods, the process may take a lot of time as you need to bleach the hair before starting with another lighter tone for your hair. Often, it takes about 3 or 4 hours for the whole dyeing process. After that, you get your favorite hair color and then you can style it in the blonde ponytail hairstyle you love. However, from now on, you also need to accept that your natural hair is no longer strong like it used to be. This explains why many girls, though expressing a big love with blonde ponytail hairstyle, still hesitate to have their hair dyed in this outstanding color.

The second option is to use hair extensions.

This way may be suitable if you love trying blonde ponytail hairstyle but you are not ready to make a huge change with your natural hair. Nowadays, having hair extensions is not too strange among women. And of course, we cannot deny the importance of hair extensions of bright colors, which helps us easily get new hairstyles in outstanding colors. In this situation, we highly recommend that you should use blonde ponytail hair extensions which are made of 100% human remy hair. Natural human hair will help you easily achieve the most glamorous look which makes you more and more confident.
blonde ponytail hair extensions

What to pay attention when applying blonde ponytail hairstyle?

Probably, girls will love ponytail hairstyle as it looks really neat and dynamic. However, according to some scientists, this hairstyle can also be the cause of headaches. Many times, we've seen Ariana Grande, the famous American singer, shine on stage, on the red carpet, or on special events with her ponytail hairstyle. We are no doubt fascinated by the beauty and charm this hairstyle brings. However, she herself reveals that the ponytail has caused her headache for many years. In addition, tying hair up so high can cause hair loss and baldness. So why does this lovely hairstyle cause such annoyances and how to solute this problem?
blonde ponytail hair
The reason is that when we pull on our hair, we may not feel pain right away. However, the more we pull, the more sensitive the nerves become and it sends pain signals to the brain. Gradually, just pulling and pulling back will make you feel more pain. At those moments, hair follicles can be sore due to the force on the nerves. Also, some related hair accessories such as laces, hair tie, elastic band or clip can make you have a short headache. How to deal with this problem?
blonde ponytail style
Blonde ponytail hairstyle is really beautiful. And for that reason, we will not advise you to give up this hairstyle. However, if your hair is quite weak, we recommend that it is good when you choose this hair less frequently. Try to make a low ponytail as this style will not put much pressure on your hair. Also, don’t forget to choose some type of hair softening accessories to avoid damaging oily skin. It is also important for you to change the style and way of combing your hair as this will help minimize the risk of getting a headache due to your frequent high hair ties. After all, using blonde ponytail hair extensions would be an ideal solution. With the support of blonde ponytail hair extensions, you are finding the best partner for your satisfied hairstyle.
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