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If you are a loyal fan of Adele, it is an obvious thing that you will certainly be addicted to her strong voices in all the songs she performs. And of course, when you really fall in love with this talented singer, you will also realize that she is so beautiful in different appearances, especially her hairstyles.

New shorter bob is what Adele wants audiences to pay attention to her. This hairstyle is a really particular style of Adele in the final of the X Factor 2015.

In another different style at the 2016 BRIT awards, Adele stands out with here freshly-cut bob. She attracts all the eyesight with her choppy and textured hairstyle.

Here we can see, Adele is so confident in her very lovely style. She tries on her gorgeous choppy with a bit of a lighter shade at the 2016 GRAMMY awards.

Here is the picture taken when Adele participated in 2017 Grammy Awards. This is a simple but attractive hairstyle in which Adele holds a loose wavy hair. This gorgeous hair look is styled by celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton.

In the picture, Adele steals all her fan’s hearts with her tenderness in that romantic hairstyle. The way to style hair is quite short and natural.

With her first performance for the opening of the event, Adele starts with a completely new hairstyle. Now, she gets that gorgeous look thanks to the hair which is added volume at its roots. She is shining with wonderful beauty.

Next, she keeps on singing and this is her performance at that time. A simple and elegant knot is applied for her hair. Adele becomes so romantic. Both the volume and texture of the hair are so perfect in this look.

Are you impressed by these wonderful hairstyles? How about applying those styles for your own hair. Apohair hopes that you can find yourself the best hairstyle which turns you into a more beautiful and confident look. Good luck!