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Along with makeup, skincare seems to be an indispensable part in almost all women’s life. Especially, if you are interested in trying on many skincare products, it would be hard to believe that you have not ever heard about Rodan and Fields – an extremely well-known and premium skincare brand sold via consultants around the world.

What do you know about Rodan and Fields skincare consultants?

It is commonly known that Rodan and Fields were founded by the world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. This product line is regarded as one of the most premium skincare brands which build a legacy of innovative, dermatology-inspired skincare products backed by clinical results. Rodan and Fields’ products have drawn much of customers’ attention as in fact, those products can treat a wide range of skincare concerns such as acne, skin firming, skin tightening, sun damage, lash serum, sensitive skin, hydration and so on.

The great news is that Rodan and Fields have recently achieved no 1 position in the top brand of skincare products in the United States. Also, the brand gets more and more achievements when being awarded the very first position in Anti-Aging Brands and at the same time, the top 1 of the Premium Acne Brands in the United States.

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What are the customers that Rodan and Fields target?

Often, skincare is a very important process that requires a lot of skill and effort. As the skin is one of the very key and decisive factors that determine the beauty of a person, women of all ages need to learn how to take care of their skin effectively. However, each type of product has its own target customer. Right from its first step, Rodan and Fields have clearly specified that their product line is aimed at women at the age of 30 and up.

The development process of Rodan and Fields at first faced a lot of difficulties. After a long time of Rodan and Fields’s establishment, Estee Lauder bought the company and then started to sell it in department stores but actually, the line didn’t work well at that time. Finally, Rodan and Fields bought their company back. 2007 is a memorable milestone of the company as it is exactly the time Rodan and Fields started to sell their products through a network of consultants, who directly help them get access to the customers. Gradually, things flourish. With the great effect of social media, the brand Rodan and Fields becomes favorable. The company can easily get the best feedback from customers through a wide range of social media.

Specifically, what products does the company sell?

You would definitely if you know that there are various products in Rodan and Fields. The main products in Rodan and Fields are skincare products which are divided into four categories:

  • Redefine: the product line which is designed for aging
  • Reverse: the product line which is produced for age spots and uneven skin tone
  • Unblemish: the product line for acne and acne breakouts
  • Smooth: the product line for sensitive and irritated skin conditions

Besides four main product lines about, you can also find out some other products in Rodan and Fields which are enhancements supplement including Enhancements Micro-Dermabrasion Pastes, a body lotion and active hydration bright eye complex.

Are Rodan and Fields products effective?

You will understand more about the effect of Rodan and Fields products if you can take a closer look at the ingredients in lots of products made in Rodan and Fields. Here, you can realize that there is a wide range of beauty all-stars such as retinol – the very gold standard for tackling fine lines and wrinkles and encouraging cell turnover.

In another aspect, the company will use ingredients that are proven winners such as alpha-hydroxy acid to smooth and soften the skin in their process of making products for skin lightening and brightening. With the best ingredients, Rodan and Fields products are expected to work effectively on your skill.

Rodan fields skin care consultants are the option of many women. If you are day by day losing your confidence due to your skin, picking up some of Rodan and Fields’ products would be the best solution. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.