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When we hear about Rihanna, immediately, we think of a talented singer who has robbed millions of fan’s hearts by her sweet and beautiful voice. However, things do not stop there. All about Rihanna is much more than that. Besides being a singer, Rihanna is also a composer, an actress, a diplomat and an entrepreneur. With her great achievements in her career, in 2012, Rihanna is ranked by Forbes magazine as fourth in the list of most powerful celebrities and ranked by Time magazine as one of the most influential figures in the world.

Rihanna without makeup

Rihanna usually appears in the red carpet with her glamorous appearance which always creates her own image in other people’s eyes. Is she trying to make all the things formal all the time? No, there are many moments in daily life when Rihanna lives and be happy with her own beauty. It is the time when she refuses all the ways of makeup to be in the public’s eyes with her most natural beauty. Let’s look at the simplest style when Rihanna puts on no makeup through the following pictures.

Walking in the street

If you are trying to find out something which makes Rihanna different from others, that must be her style of dressing. Our singer never says no with fun T-shirts because she loves them. T-shirt is also the one which Rihanna usually choose when she goes for a walk.

Rihanna without makeupJust Rihanna and no makeup

Looking at Rihanna’s style, we still realize a fashionable and stylish beauty in her T-shirt. Beauty now roots from ordinary style. Here, we see that Rihanna is extremely comfortable to stroll around the city even when she chooses no makeup. How do you feel? Do you want to look as natural as possible when you love wearing a print shirt to go out with your friends?

Getting ready for a new event

Rihanna without makeup

This is a picture taken when Rihanna is waiting for a makeup artist to get her ready for an event. And even Rihanna has no makeup, our singer looks really gorgeous. This selfie picture is so natural and that explains why Rihanna never hesitates to show it. Not many people can pull it off but Rihanna is definitely on the top of that list. This is such a lovely thing that we can find in Rihanna.

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Soft curly hair

Rihanna without makeup

Rihanna without makeup

Experiencing a soft curly hairstyle, Rihanna confidently appears in public. She looks serene and beautiful without any makeup in this picture. Her soft curls make her face more outstanding. Through the picture, we can easily realize that she is not scared of stepping out without any makeup adorning her face. Getting no makeup, just wearing a deep black colored tip with regular types of denim, Rihanna never stops shining.

Short hair cut

Rihanna without makeup

Rihanna without makeup

Watch this picture! This is one more picture showing Rihanna no makeup. Do you think that our singer is looking for somewhat lost and confused? This time, our girl wants to be more dynamic in a completely new appearance. Definitely, we can take our eyes off this attractive beauty, the combination of a sexy but so simple look.

Her leather jacket

Rihanna without makeup

Rihanna without makeup

One more time, we are surprised at the beauty of Rihanna without makeup. Even when there is no makeup, the girl looks simply stunning and attractive. Especially, her leather jacket definitely brings her an edgy look.

Rihanna in two avatar

Rihanna without makeup

It is obvious that this picture expresses Rihanna in two different avatars, one with makeup and one without makeup. The left picture is when Rihanna puts on no makeup and therefore it reveals her simple beauty which is in dark circles, clumsy hair and lifeless skin. Maybe, in the picture, you can realize that our singer is a little tired. But the fact is that her skin is almost flawless. This really makes her different from others.

Rihanna in a black dress

Rihanna without makeup

Rihanna without makeup

No makeup, just with casual dress, Rihanna still stands out in this image. Generally, she chooses to wear different shades of black dress.

In fact, she can completely be more beautiful with the option of lighter shades of black like grey which help her enhance her look much. But she says no and even, no makeup is chosen here, our singer is confident when she is comfortable to be herself under any circumstances.

To many people, the pictures of Rihanna without makeup will not surprise you, just simply because all of us know that she is beautiful. We love the ways she is expressing her beauty whether she put on her makeup or not. Any time she appears, she attracts all her fan’s eyes and makes them excited. Believe us! Put on makeup or not, all depend on you. The most important thing here is that you are yourself and you are comfortable to be like that. Apohair hopes that all of you will find your perfect beauty which helps you be more confident in your daily life.