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The social network is always full to bursting with all the flashy videos showing products and how amazing the results are, prompting thousands of shares and sellouts. Every week there’s another beauty obsession emerging on the Internet, and with the inducement from social media, it’s hard not to get sucked in. Flawless skin, glossy lashes, disappearing scars, sleek hair are what those products can bring about. However, have you ever wondered whether these products really worked? If yes, then you’re going on the right path. We’ve combed social media for the product making the biggest claim recently – the Coco and Eve Hair Mask. Let’s find out if this hair masque can live up to the hype from social media.

According to the brand themselves, the Coco and Eve Like A Virgin Hair Masque or Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque promises to restore hair texture and shine, hydrate, deeply condition, treat split end, and tame frizz. And it is no doubt that their addictive video ads posted on social media show just what they claim, with stunning models showing off their smooth, frizz-free tresses after using this mask. Watching all the ads, reading myriads of reviews singing praises online, who could even resist the urge to try it out? Obviously, here at APO Hair, we’re also obsessed with hair care, so we have had some girls from our office to put it to the test within 3 days.

  1. Ingredients

A big plus point for the Coco and Eve hair mask is the 100% vegan ingredients, which are raw virgin coconuts, shea butter, argan oil, and figs. These ingredients are known for their hair performing qualities – rejuvenate parched hair, damaged by heat and the chemical processes. The formula is made to suit all hair types and very environmental friendly.

  1. Instruction

You’re suggested to use the mask after washing and towel-drying your hair. Put the mask on clean, dry hair and leave it to be fully absorbed for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off. If your hair is adversely damaged and feeling too dry, you can alternate to use the mask as an overnight treatment.

  1. Results
  • Pros

The first pro of this mask is how easy it is to apply, which could be both during your shower or as a rinse-off mask in 10 minutes. It will come with a tangle tamer brush (another bonus!) so that you can properly distribute the mask through your hair. To our surprise, the brush feels very gentle on hair, and it detangles with minimal breakage.

Another worth-praying point is that this hair mask is quick and efficient delivery. We have used it in only 3 days, yet the results are quite satisfying. We’re very impressed with how their hair feels shiny and soft afterward. There was visibly less damaged and frizz. Also, the hair ends seemed smoother and moisturized.

As we have stated above, the ingredients of this hair mask is a huge plus. It’s sulfate and paraben-free, and also color-safe, which is ideal for hair going through dyeing processes. Moreover, Coco and Eve’s products are cruelty-free, and all packaging and materiel used are recyclable.

  • Cons

Coco and Eve recommend applying the mask from roots to tips for total hair recovery, but those with oily scalps should re-consider that, or else your hair will become greasy very quickly. We suggest you concentrate on your middle rather your hair roots, so the mask can treat your split ends without providing extra oils on your scalps.

Apart from the moisturizing and smoothing effect, the product doesn’t really come up to our expectations as it doesn’t work well with some hair types. One of our girls claimed that this hair mask doesn’t have that detangling effect as it promised, and we receive the same complaints from some of our customers.

A minus for Coco & Eve hair mask is the texture of it. We could say that the mask is quite a thick and intense product, thus may be difficult for you to rinse it off. You’ll have to take your time washing the mask out properly so it won’t feel claggy or residue.  If you’re having fine hair, pay more attention to the amount of mask you’re applying as it might weigh your hair down.

This might be either pros or cons as the product has a very sweet yet a little bit too strong scent, especially for those who are sensitive to the smell of cosmetic goods.

The main con of the Coco & Eve hair masque is its insane price tag. For a $44.90 – worth product, we are expecting a more all-round relaxing and indulgent experience. You can even get an in-salon treatment for the same price.

  1. Final Thought

Overall, the Coco and Eve Like A Virgin Masque does deliver great visible results to our hair. The mask does worth a trial if you’re looking for a nourishing and softening treatment. However, don’t expect too much and completely rely on such products because great hair comes from the inside as well – pay attention to your diet and lifestyle instead, and you may get great results. That said, we’re sure this product would make a great addition to your hair care routine because it works incredibly well if you’ve got dry, porous hair.

A little side note is that the Coco & Eve hair mask can also be used for hair extensions. In fact, you’ll want to have this mask as it works very well with extensions. Should you haven’t had hair extensions, then it’s time you treated yourself with some. They are the easiest way to add volume and length to your hair, not to mention their ability to protect your natural hair from being damaged by heat styling or dyeing. So make sure to get yourself a set of hair extensions, APO Hair is always ready to serve you. Whatever hair type you have, you still can be great with APO Hair extensions.