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If your virgin human hair is dry, fibrous, and easy to tangle, let consider the following reasons for tangled and unhealthy hair to have gradually smooth and shiny hair again.

Daily shampooing

Everyone wants their hair to be clean and fragrant. Due to this desire, girls shampoo every day, even shampoo twice a day. This accidentally leaves bad impact on hair.

Besides, regular shampooing also loses the natural oil amount of hair oil and reduces the shine of the hair.

Daily shampooing

Choosing shampoos and shampooing improperly also causes hair loss. If you wash your virgin human hair uncleanly, the amount of shampoo and conditioner is still on the hair roots, which also causes hair oily and unhealthy.

Not using conditioner

Many girls want to shorten their hair care time so they have chosen not to use conditioner, or due to oily hair, they do not want to use conditioner.

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However, not using conditioner will make the hair dry, fibrous, tangle, difficult to comb. Conditioner provides a lot of good nutrients for hair, so it is best to use conditioner of prestige brand once a week to provide full of nutrients for hair.

Impact on wet hair

Impact on wet hair

Wet hair is the weakest hair. Combing or wiping hair too strongly may hurt hair. So, when you have finished shampooing, you should only get a soft cotton to softly absorb water on hair vietnam hair and use fan to dry hair. After the hair is dry, you can use the comb to brush your hair.

Regular heat and medicals on hair

Dyeing, bending, haircutting, stretching, Using these measures regularly will make the virgin human hair weak very quickly. So, if girls want to beautify hair, let carefully consider hair condition or recover hair before applying chemicals and heat on the hair.

For products such as hair dye cream / hair conditioner …, you need to choose a reliable brand and test whether your hair is suitable or not.

Tying hair too tight

Tightening hair does not only make hair tangle but also make you headache. Remember not to tie hair too tightly.

Not protecting hair in hot weather

Not protecting hair in hot weather

Ultraviolet rays have bad impacts on skin like making skin black and dull, freckled, and also the leading cause of skin cancer. Vietnam human hair Ultraviolet rays not only damage skin but also damage hair. If hair is not protected when in the sun, it results in burnt, dry, split hair and weakenining hair and increasing the condition of hair loss.

Frequently under stressful pressure

Work and life sometimes put us under pressure, stress, staying up late, lacking sleep …. This leaves bad influence on virgin human hair, which causes you weak, tangled hair and white-haired. Thus, it is better to arrange a reasonable schedule to have time to relax and rest.

Providing insufficient nutrients for body

According to hair experts, in addition to supplementing nutrients from the outside, supplementing nutrients from the inside is also very important.

Because 95% of nutrients for nourishing hair comes from the blood. To have beautiful hair, female sex should supplement the food containing a lot of protein, fat, iron, calcium and vitamin-rich foods, especially vitamin B5.

In addition to supplementing nutrients from food, girls also take drugs as prescribed by doctor’s indication to make hair healthier.