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These recent years, Apohair is usually known as one of the biggest hair companies in Vietnam in terms of exporting hair to the international market. Over a long time of formation and development, we are so proud to have supplied customers in lots of countries around the world with the best quality hair products. However, there is one thing which may be, you’ve never known “Apohair used to be a prestigious raw Cambodian hair wholesale vendor”. Let’s explore this interesting thing.

Typical features of Raw Cambodian hair extensions?

Apohair collects raw Cambodian hair from Cambodian ladies. Through some specific steps such as collecting, washing, classifying and producing, we get a complete product of hair extensions. The hair quickly attracts customer’s attention and then it becomes a familiar hairstyle that is always found by lots of people. 

Raw Cambodian hair extensions come in a variety of styles, textures and colors. Like many other hair wholesale vendors, Apohair provides customers the most popular hair textures in the market today including straight, curly and wavy hair. All of them are so attractive and beautiful. Hair extensions are naturally silky and heavily textured.

One more special thing is that Cambodian hair just experienced natural treatment and processing. It is really good because Apohair always ensures that we are bringing you the hair with the best quality. Hair extensions suffer from no chemical, no synthetic hair, no insect, no tangle and no shedding during the production.

Although sometimes, it is not the first choice of many women, the Cambodian hair extension still attracts and becomes a good companion of many customers in their changing beauty.

Differentiate Cambodian hair extensions and Vietnamese hair extensions

  • The similarity of Cambodian hair extensions and Vietnamese hair extensions

There is a truth all regular customers of Apohair from the beginning can realize that both Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair come in a lot of textures and can be naturally silky or heavily textured. A reasonable explanation for this similarity may root from the fact that all our collectors come to get hair directly from Cambodia and Vietnamese. Some people suppose that all Cambodian hair is very thick while all Vietnamese hair is silky. We completely disagree with this viewpoint.

  • The thickness of the hair

In terms of the thickness, Vietnamese hair extensions seem to be a little bit thinner. That is the reason why we can come to the conclusion that Cambodian hair extensions have much thicker hair while Vietnamese hair extensions have much more silky hair. However, it doesn’t mean the reverse thing is not true. Basically, there are some Cambodian hair extensions that remain in a very soft and silky state. Similarly, Vietnamese hair still has very coarse and thick hair.

  • The texture of the hair

Hair texture is the main difference in Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair. Cambodian hair extensions often have a bigger quantity of natural wavy and curly hair than that of Vietnamese hair. Most Vietnamese hair is in straight texture. However, besides straight, Apohair also produces wavy and curly Vietnamese hair extensions.

Why do we stop producing Cambodian hair extensions?

There are some specific reasons that make Apohair stop exporting Cambodian hair extensions to the international market.

  • Firstly, although Cambodian hair extensions are easy to use and can be mixed with a variety of colors, sometimes, the hair is sometimes dry and fiber. For that reason, the hair is easy to be damaged and become shedding if you do not take a really careful concern of the hair extensions.
  • Secondly, after a long time of researching the market, we determine that Vietnam owns a great source of hair suppliers. Gradually, our collectors just focus their collecting hair in the scope of Vietnam. We now no longer import hair from Cambodian to produce our hair products.
  • Finally, it is derived from one of our prior mission: “We always want to bring the best Vietnamese hair extensions to the global market”. Apohair wants to enhance more in our objective to developing hair industry in Vietnam. At present, we only concentrate on the production and export of Vietnamese hair to all the customers. This is a big motivation for our staff to pay more attention to Vietnamese hair. As a result, hair textures become more various. We also have more chances to study and develop many colors for our hair extensions.

Apohair used to be a raw Cambodian hair wholesale vendor. All the hair we produce is welcomed. However, it is now back to the past. We are now no longer raw Cambodian hair wholesale vendor. With the view to bringing the prestige of Vietnamese hair extensions to the market, at the present time, we just focus our production on Vietnamese hair. Apohair hopes that all the hair extensions we are supplying will also attract you like the first day.