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There are some special occasions in your life when you would love to appear like a princess and prom is never an exception. Prom night, in many people’s belief, is one of the most anticipated evenings that our pretty girls have always dreamt about. This will be the best chance for all of you to be with your friend and colleagues during a celebration of high-school end or a company’s year-end party. Whatever purposes the Prom is held for, it inspires us to prepare many things for a perfect appearance. Based on specific situations, you are going to choosing different styles for your hair or your dress. What is included there?

The conciliation of hairstyle and dress

Never can we deny that it is not easy to choose the best prom hairstyle which is able to, at that time, go with your dress and personal style. Here, we strongly recommend that you should find out some inspiration photos of the hairstyle that you’ve always love to pursue. Besides, the process of choosing a prom dress should also be carefully carried out. The color and style of your prom dress depend on many factors such as prom theme, location or time of year that the prom is organized. Especially, remember to choose a suitable color for the dress. Basically, the dress’s color depends much on your skin tone. Nevertheless, think outside of the box and dare to be different by trying the colors that you might not ordinarily wear. Be confident with the way you are going to dress which makes you feel pretty.

Determine your natural hair type

This is a necessary step which helps you decide which hairstyle you will get on that special occasion. You are getting a straight hair which doesn’t hold curl well or, you would like to steer away from big, bouncy and curly hairstyles? One thing we can ensure that all can be changed. At some moments, it is best to enhance your hair for a big day rather than fussing with a hairstyle that just won’t hold.

Now, what needs doing first is choosing types of styling which can works best for your natural hair type. Any style will always become beautiful when you really love it. However, it would be better for you to consult your hairstylist first to make sure that they will be able to create the hairstyle with ease.

Dancing hairstyles

Will you be dancing in that prom night? If dancing is your passion then, you might want to consider a hairstyle that will keep intact through all of that movement. Please note to pick some hairstyles which don’t require too many bobby pins, accessories or intricate styling. This will an effective way for you to feel free to dance all night long with confidence.

Prom hairstyles with hair extensions

If it is inconvenient for you to go to a hair salon and wait some hours for a new hairstyle, hair extensions become the best solutions. Below, we are going to point out some outstanding points of Apohair’s hair extensions, which can become your perfect accessory on prom night. Let's take a look at the basic factors creating the beauty for Prom Queen worthy hairstyle for 2019.

  • Best quality

Quality may be the leading factor that you will consider when choosing Apohair as your companion. Don’t worry, we make sure that all Apohair’s product is made of 100% Vietnamese human Remy hair which has no tangle, no shedding and no insect. There is no chemical or synthetic hair mixed in Apohair’ extensions so you can believe that we are providing your hair with the best quality.

  • Various hairstyles

Exactly, time goes on and you will gradually realize that rarely can you see there is any hair supplier that supplies as many types of hair extensions as Apohair. In our stock, 12 types of hair extensions with lots of textures, colors and length are always available. Some of our typical hair products are weft hair extensions, bulk hair, tip hair, tape hair, clip in hair, lace closure, frontal and wigs hairstyle. In terms of hair colors, besides some basic tones such as black and dark brown and light brown, we also have blonde, mix and ombre color for all of the hairstyles.

  •  Easy to use and time-saving

With Apohair’s extensions, changing style is just in minutes. Indeed, for a prom night, you just needn’t spend too much time. Hair extensions allow all the users to easily create a professional looking prom hairstyle without having to pay a professional stylist.

Outstanding prom queen hairstyles for 2019

  • Waterfall braided crown with loose waves

  • Waterfall braided crown with loose waves

Water braided crown with loose waves always ranks in the first position of best choices for the most beautiful Prom Queen hairstyles for 2019.

Being styled with soft and loose curls, a waterfall braid attracts lots of people when it expresses a classic and feminine appearance. At first, you may be a little intimidated when seeing that this is a complicated hairstyle. However, be more patient and pay attention, this style just consists of a series of basic steps that come together to get the perfect look.

  • Big, sexy, voluminous curls

Each hairstyle gives us a different look. And when waterfall braids let you be in a classic appearance, this voluminous curls will help you achieve your angelic dreams. To style this hair, curl larger strands of hair with a big barrel curling wand.

  • Mermaid Braid

If you are having a long hairstyle, a mermaid braid is exactly for you. This hairstyle is considered to be trending for prom. Many people choose this mermaid hairstyle and often, this will be a messy, inspired braid or layered braid or even braid with flowers and pearls. The important key to achieve this look is the volume of the hair. For braid hairstyle, we highly recommend that you should use clip in hair extensions, which can be strategically placed throughout your hair for adding thickness to your present hairstyle.

  • Slick back high ponytail

A high ponytail is a simple but attractive hairstyle. The style is not only glamorous for your prom and graduation but also comfortable, versatile and beautiful. Ponytail hairstyle will certainly keep your hair out of your face all night if you’d really love to dance the night away.

Special times do not stop coming. Are you ready for these occasions? Look at the most beautiful hair look we’ve provided before and experience them. Apohair believes that it would be best prom Queen worthy hairstyles for 2019 that you are looking for. Good luck!