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In this world we’re living in, the pollution level has reached a degree that we have never before experienced. Sweat, salt, the intensive heat from the sun in summer, or dryness, humidity in winter, etc. are all putting our locks into its most vulnerable state. That’s why it is rare to see anyone with an ultra-long, or even long lock. With that happened, hair extensions came in as a savior for our poor hair. Opting for a long hairdo with the 32 inches hair extensions can be just as little of a commitment as you would want it to be.

32 inch hair extensions

What are 32 Inches Hair Extensions?

It used to be celebrities we’re talking about when it comes to admirably lustrous long locks or mind-blowing hair extensions before and after transformations. It’s no surprise when one day we see Kylie Jenner with a stylish lob, and then suddenly, she gets that long slick ponytail looks that day’s evening. Hair extensions have changed drastically; you can now get a gorgeous set of hair extensions from a random online store you found online for the most reasonable price. With the developing world of hair nowadays, the hair extensions are no longer that far-reaching to people like us, if not to say an indispensable part for women with thinning hair especially.

32 inch hair

Being the longest hair length option on the market, 32 inches hair extensions offer the most lengthy, full-bodied lock that one could ever have. So how long are 32 inches of hair exactly? By having a set of 32 inches hair extensions, you are possessing a super long lock, which goes around the buttocks area and below. Obviously, long hair has always been considered the most versatile, as they offer a wide range of options for hairstyles. And again, Rapunzel-like hair is everyone’s favorite, isn’t it? Besides, it takes you a lifetime to grow your hair that long, and, once you grow your hair to a length like that, the strands will be likely to be in the less-than-stellar condition. So why waste so much of your time and effort on such? The 32 inches hair extensions can solve all of your problems – they are beautiful, super long, voluminous, and above all, they take less than an hour for you to achieve your long life wishing lock.

32 inch of hair

But before you place your next order, here is some basic information so that you can have the least idea about what and how your 32 inches hair extensions are.

Hair extensions, as known as artificial hair integrations, are considered the most effective way when approaching a stunning long lock. Thanks to the ability to add luscious volume and extra length to your actual hair, hair extensions help you to reduce the pressure of you becoming a slave to your own hair.

32 inch weave hair

Extensions are made from 2 types of hairs, which are synthetic or artificial hair, and human hair. Synthetic hair extensions, also known as artificial hair extensions, are actually synthetic polymer fibers that are composed into small strands of hair that look like human hair. This is usually the very first choice to think of, as synthetic hair extensions are much cheaper than the human ones, though they are as popular as the human hair, either. Since polymer fibers are very easy to find, a set of synthetic hair extensions won’t cost you too much. Yet, the extensions are made of plastic fibers, which are meant to be melted down if exposed to high heat. That’s why artificial hair extensions are not recommendable especially for those who choose to have hair integration for styling purposes.

32 inch hairstyle

On the contrary, human hair extensions are believed to be the most famous type of hair for extensions, despite it being costly sometimes. Being collected directly from real human scalps, human hair extensions possess all the nice quality of one’s natural hair. Human hair extensions can sometimes even get superior to our own lock. Donors for hair extensions are usually strictly and carefully chosen by the hair manufacturers. As a result, the hair possesses outstanding quality and strength as well as an extended lifespan. However, due to its high-end quality, human hair extensions are sold at a rather high price, or should I say it will cost you an arm and a leg. The prices for a nice set of 32 inches hair extensions can range from $150 for a single hairpiece to $4000 for a full cover.

32 inch hair extension

The 32 inches hair extensions are no doubt the most dramatic hair extensions length one could have, yet it can be rather hard to manage, unfortunately. We all know that hair extensions have gotten a reputation for being high-maintenance. Well, that not actually the case as long as you have an appropriately detailed routine for them. The same goes for 32 inches hair extensions – make sure that you have carefully listed out what to do and what not to do to keep your extensions as long-lasting as it supposed to be.

Types of 32 Inches Hair Extensions

Depending on the application method as well as how long do you want to wear the hair, there is a variety of hair extensions that you might want to try. Below, we’ve listed some of the most go-to hair integrations types that may be of help, in case you’re still confused by the inundating forms of hair extensions. 

32 Inches Bulk Hair

32 inch bulk hair

One of the original forms of hair extensions is bulk hairs, which are, basically, recognized as hair strands fixed into bundles using tight hair elastic. This is considered the cheapest human hair extensions available on the market, thanks to it being rather simple to be produced. Bulk hair extensions cannot be applied directly on human scalp, but they are used to create other types of hair extensions. Therefore, the bulk hair is most times, hair manufacturers’ favorite.

32 Inches Tape-in Hair Extensions

32 inch tape hair

Tape-in hair extensions are extremely famous these days, as it is one of the newest methods for installing hair extensions. One thing that make the tape-in extensions become so popular is that they do look like one’s natural head of hair. As they use tape to attach the hair to yours, the bonds are expected to lie flat against your head, make it very lightweight and comfortable when wearing the hair.

32 Inches Weaves

32 inch weave hair

Here comes the most classic, or should I say the oldest form of hair extensions – weave hair, or also called sew-in hair extensions. This is a method of semi-permanent hair application as hairstylists will sew the hair wefts onto your own braided hair. What’s so special about the weave hair extensions is that they offer you a super natural and flawless look. In fact, it would be impossible to detect the hair weave if you cleverly position it to blend in with your own hair.

32 Inches Clip-in Hair Extensions

32 inch clip in hair

Just so you know, the very first hair extensions of mine are clip-in hair extensions, and the experience was incredible! Clip-in hair extensions, just as the name, use clips to attach itself to your tresses. The clip-ins are now one of the easiest temporary methods of hair extensions application. Along with bulk hair, clip-in hair extensions are also enjoying their widespread reputation at the moment.

When to know if it’s Time to Get Rid of Your 32 Inches Hair Extensions

32 inches hair extensions

No matter what types of hair extensions or what installation method you have, there will be time when your extensions are out of function. So how exactly can you know if you should get rid of your extensions yet? Consulting some famous hair experts and beauty bloggers, most answers come down to the point when the extensions turn dry and dull, especially the ends. It is important that you won’t use expired hair extensions, as these extensions can sometimes damage your own hair.

How to Take Care of the 32 Inches Hair Extensions

If you’re thinking of hair extensions as being high-maintenance or damaging, it’s time you rethink about it. I mean, 32 inches of hair extensions is the best way to get you great length and volume, not to mention they can protect your real hair. Having said that, a proper hair care routine is also of great importance, as 32 inches hair will likely be hard to manage if not thoroughly cared for.

Deal with Salt or Chlorine

hair care for 32 inch hair

It’s hard to not dive yourself in the ocean or jump straight into the pool, especially in the crazy intensive heat of summer. But does this mean you have to take off your extensions? Lucky for you because our answer is no – you don’t have to take your 32 inches hair extensions off. And how could you do that? The simplest method is to soak your hair with clean water before you go to the poor so that they will absorb less chlorine in the water, and you may also want to wash them carefully afterward. For the ocean, just let your hair air dry and wash them later, a bit of salt on your extensions shouldn’t be too harmful.

Wash Your Hair Extensions

shampooing hair extensions

Washing your hair extensions is just like washing your own hair, and each of us has our own way to wash our hair. However, as hair extensions aren’t supplied with natural oils from the scalp like normal hair, they require extra moisture. Therefore, consider using a moisturizing shampoo and deep conditioners to wash your hair extensions. It would be best if you pay attention to the conditioning process. Let your conditioner soak in on your extensions for an hour before you rinse it and air dry. Since the 32 inches hair extensions are very long, it is likely to get tangled when washed. That’s why we suggest you have a wide-tooth comb to brush it during the washing.

Brush Your 32 Inches Hair Extensions

brushing hair extensions

Long as 32 inches of hair is, they require a lot of brushing in order to avoid tangles and knots. Yet, since hair integrations are fragile and vulnerable, brushing them carelessly will result in shedding and breakages. For that happens, we strongly advise you have yourself a detailed hair extensions brushing schedule. It is recommendable that you brush your hair twice a day, once before applying hair and once after. And of course, brush then starting at the ends then work your way up to the roots. For the right comb to use, a boar bristle brush is what you need. The natural fibers from the brush are great for reducing friction and damages to the hair strands.

Use Heat Protectants

It is ideal that you don’t use high heat and avoid as many no heat styling hairdos as possible. But it is not likely, you know, you buy hair extensions to style them, right? Because of that, we suggest you use the heat protectant whenever you’re to use the heat styling product or when you’re going to expose to the UV rays from the sun.

heat protectant

Last but not least, in order to keep your 32 inches hair extensions nice and silky, be sure that you don’t sleep with them. Should you happen to have the permanent hair installation method, try to pull your hair into a loose braid when going to sleep, and also, change your bedsheet and pillows into something that can keep your hair from rubbing against the pillow, creating friction. Satin or silk are great options to go for.

Standards for 32 Inches Hair Extensions

Knowing what standards of hair extensions allow you to choose the most suitable type of hair at the most reasonable price for you. Apohair has set 4 main standards for the 32 inches hair extensions, and those are:

Single Drawn Hair

single drawn hair

For the lowest price hair extensions, you can go for the single drawn hair extensions. Single drawn hair extensions are divided into 2 sub-standards, which are single drawn hair type 1 and single drawn hair type 2. The only visible difference between the two types of hair is that while single drawn hair type 1 contains roughly 50% full length, the single drawn hair type 2 offer your 50-60% of hair at the same length.

Double Drawn Hair

Just like the single drawn hair extensions, the double drawn hair extensions are also separated into 2 standards – double drawn hair type 1 and double drawn hair type 2.

double drawn hair

Double Drawn Type 1

Comparing with the single drawn hair extensions, the double drawn hair type 1 is much fuller with 70-80% of hair at full length. This is the most preferable hair standard among all, as the double drawn hair type 2 can sometimes be too pricey, whereas the single drawn won’t be able to give you as much volume.

Double Drawn Type 2

Double drawn hair type 2, or super double drawn hair extensions, are the most superior hair extensions standards in the hair industry at the moment. Offering nearly a hundred percent full length, you can get a lustrous, voluminous hair look with just a set of the double drawn type 2 hair extensions. Yet, since the hair can be costly, it’ll be preferable to consider your budget before deciding to get one.

Now that you’ve been well equipped with all knowledge about the 32 inches hair extensions, what are you waiting for not to stand up, visit our website at APOSTORE.VN and get yourself a good set of it? We hope that our “What to know before getting 32 inches hair extensions” will be of some helps to your hair journey. Don’t forget to share your stories in the comment section below. We hope to listen from you ASAP. Lots of love.