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Fine hair has always been of great controversy whether it is a blessing and a curse. Your skinny strands might be taking you a huge amount of time to take care of, yet they provide you the most lightweight and naturally smooth look. On the other hand, fine hairs are all too fragile. From tangles to lack of volume, it is sometimes required some tricks so that your fine hair can look great. And if you’re flustered by all the bombshell blowouts you see on the red carpet yet can’t have them because of your too vulnerable hair, you’re not alone. Well, great news for you is that you can now have all of those gorgeous hairstyles with the support of your tape-in hair extensions for fine hair.

tape in hair extensions for fine hair

What is Fine Hair?

Fine hair is one of the terms that we use to determine our hair texture or many of you may acknowledge as hair thickness. Fine hair strands are mostly fragile and delicate that you should always be subtle when styling your fine-hair lock, heat styling especially. Choosing your hair care products is also an important point when it comes to taking care of your fine hair. Most times, we highly recommend you use products that are light and gentle to your tresses so that you can prevent those products from weighing down your hair. Besides, minimize your hair’s exposure to heat products, or else your scalp will go bald later on.

tape in hair extensions

So how to identify what hair texture of yours? The simplest method is to just pull your hair back into a ponytail and evaluate the circumference of your ponytail. If the circumference of your ponytail is 2 inches or smaller, then it is likely that you have a fine hair texture. Should you still need another, maybe a more persuasive result, try to compare your tress with a small thread. Fine texture hairs are much thinner than the thread in terms of the diameter. Another way to assess your hair texture is to just feel it with your bare hands. Hold a single strand between the fingers and feel it, if you barely feel anything, chances are that you’re having fine hair.

tape hair extensions

Tape-in Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

When it comes to getting extra lengths, volumes, styling without damaging your real hair, hair extensions are the first thing I would think of. And when it comes to fine hair looking to a voluminous lock, the tape-in hair extensions are the best choice.

tape hair extensions for fine hair

So what exactly are the tape-in hair extensions? Tape-in extensions are considered one of the newest hair extensions trend on the hair market these days. Basically, they are thin tape wefts – usually 1 inch wide. The hair wefts then get taped-in in between your personal hair to add volumes and movements. A fun fact for you is that the tape-in hair extensions are the most requested hair extending method in salons worldwide. Applying a set of tape-in hair extensions on your hair, you can 100% rest assured, as it requires no heating tools nor chemicals, and the hair can last up to 2-3 months as well as it is totally reusable with a new tape.

applying tape hair extensions

If you’re still hesitating about your choice, then here is the reason that will make you love the tape-in hair extensions. While the clip-ins are too bulky and may potentially cause long-term balding, especially on those who have super fine hair, tape-ins can protect your hair from damage and breakage. What’s more, tape-in hair extensions place much less weight on your tresses and allows you to enjoy extensions without the risk of getting breakages.

tape hair for fine hair

As stated, each application of tape hair extensions can last up to 12 weeks with proper care, and this hair extension can also be reused up to 3 times, which is a super big plus point for the tape-ins.

tape hair extensions installation

It is highly recommended that you have your tape-in hair extensions professionally installed by a licensed cosmetologist. There are several methods to put on the hair extensions suggested by the hairstylists so that you won’t need to worry if one method does not suit you

APO Hair’s Tape-in Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

Apostore's tape hair extensions for fine hair


Coming to APOHAIR, we supply Remy human hair from the high-quality grade of human hair extensions, with the cuticles are all intact. With proper care, our tape-ins can last up to 3-4 applications in a period of 9 months to a year. Our Remy hair is collected from many Vietnamese donors and got zero chemical processing. We also provide Virgin Hair, which is the highest quality human hair on the hair market nowadays. This hair comes from a single donor and undergoes our most meticulous hair care process that allows the hair to last longer. As the hair comes from one ponytail as well as receives the best condition, APOHAIR’s Virgin Hair can stay in its virgin state up to 5-6 wearings, that is from 1 - 2 years period. If you are day by day losing your confidence due to fine hair, tell us to get the best tape in hair extensions in our hair collection. With our constant effort, you will definitely get hair products in the shortest time.