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Celebrities’ no makeup has always been the hottest topics on social media, and this week we decide to go through one of the most well-known rapper-singer of all time – the talented Nicki Minaj. Just like any other celebrities, Nicki Minaj always sticks with her heavy, barbie-like makeup look, creating her own image in public. But don’t you ever curious about her bare face? Or are you dying to know what she looks like when she takes all that makeups off? If the later, then come and explore more with us!

A complete bare face

It is actually super hard to find a picture of Nicki Minaj with no makeup on. In fact, this picture is the only one we can find on the Internet up to now. It’s from a post of her shower selfie on Instagram, and the rapper looks almost unrecognizable here. Without eye shadow and lash extensions, her look is toned down from Cleopatra to Jessica Rabbit. Of course, Nicki Minaj still looks pretty without makeup, yet it still very weird and unfamiliar to us. Besides, we could obviously see how eyebrows are important for girls after the pic, right?

Casual look
Nicki Minaj’s beautiful without makeup, except that she really needs eyeliners and of course, brows. Apart from a total makeup-free look, we could simply look for a picture of Nicki Minaj with no-makeup, still using eyeliners and eyebrow pencils. With light makeup on her eyes, it is easier for us to picture out the Nicki Minaj we often see on TV. Actually, I kind of love this look of her more than her glamorous makeup look.

It seems that Nicki herself knows that eyeliners play important roles, she won’t ditch her eyeliners even with her no-makeup face.


This picture of her makeup-free face (as expected, except the eyes) with her messy side-braided hair is absolutely beautiful. She looks much younger than her appearance on TV and events, and her skin looks flawless. This is definitely my go-to bare face look of mine.



Nicki is definitely a goddess with her no-makeup face. Her messy dark hair totally complimented her beautiful brown eyes and chocolate skin.


Nicki Minaj has much more bare face selfies than we thought, and we are blessed! I’m in love with the dark fluffy hair of her and her thick lips. She looks chic and sexy even without makeup thanks to that beautiful hair and lips.



All these bare face selfies have completely shown Nicki Minaj’s intimate side that we all love. She is not only super talented; she is also gorgeous even in her most natural form. She indeed isn’t looking as polished as she is on stages, still, she looks as beautiful as ever.

Side notes: Can we take a moment appreciate her beautiful hair? How does it always look so good?

It’s hard to catch Nicki Minaj without makeup on as she always wears the most insane outfits and makeup. Seeing her posting no-makeup selfies is very surprising yet astonishing at the same time. Nicki not yet finishes her makeup showing her natural beautiful hair is definitely a rare one.

Apparently, Nicki doesn’t into showing off her no makeup as she said it herself, she felt naked without makeup, little does she know that she doesn’t need the barbie-like makeup because she already looks like one without a drop of makeup.

Not at all being afraid of the light from the sun, Nicki just casually exposes her beautiful lines with a no-makeup face and slays that bikini look hard.

This is actually one of the best pictures of Nicki Minaj without makeup. Along with the natural facial beauty of her, we have a clearer sight of her toned body and her glowing dark skin. She looks so simple yet so alluring.

It can be said that Nicki Minaj is one of the most natural beauties that chose to step into the music industry. She successes to impress all of us with her beautiful talent, her musicality and her natural captivating beauty. She was born beautiful, and she is still getting prettier and prettier as days pass. How about you? Do you prefer Nicki Minaj with no makeup or do you rather her full makeup face? Let us know in the comment section below.