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You are looking for some hairstyles which are both simple and beautiful? You find it too difficult. Then, we need to say that everything would be so easy if you can choose a suitable bun hairstyle. Do not be confused because, right here, we are about to recommend to you 4 most pretty hair buns which bring you a totally new appearance for any length of hair.

Mid-length hair

If you are having a medium length of hair, is it true that buns remains as your close friends in all seasons? Not just in the hot weather of summer, bun hairstyle becomes your companion in any time you would love to keep your tresses out of your face. Here, we are going to advise you to choose basic twisted mid bun for the main option. This method is not only quick, it is also easy to apply.

Waist-length hair

It is such a wonderful thing if you could keep your own hair in that length. In this situation, twisted bun hair can weigh all of your hair down. That is the reason why we do not suggest that option for your waist-length hair. Instead, you can make it more attractive with a top knot if you have enough time. Here, we call it criss-cross top knot for your hairstyle in summer.

Long Bobs

Long Bob is also a popular style selected by lots of women. This refers to the attractive appearance of girls who would like to express their own beauty in the simplest way. For long bobs, tousled low summer bun hairstyle should be your very first option. And of course, you will become more and more gorgeous if you try to add some textures on to it.

Short hair

When you hear about short hair, you are wondering: “How can we style a bun if our hair is short?” Do not worry, each style has a different bun for hair. If you are having short hair, we recommend that a messy bun may fit you. This texture will make you more lovely, cute and dynamic in all circumstances.

What length of hair are you owning? What types of bun hairstyle draw your attention? It would be precious if you can find the most suitable hairstyle for yourself. Especially, summer is coming. APOHAIR really hopes that you will get the best things with the most comfortable and beautiful hairstyle.