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For those who love American fantasy drama television, Games of Thrones is a far too familiar name. Succeeding in her role Margery Tyrell on the series Game of Thrones (2012-2016), Natalie dormer quickly gains international attention. In the stage of 2014-2015, the talented English actress, for her great contribution to the film industry, was nominated for two honorable Screen Actors Guild Awards. Her great achievements in her career make us even more curious about what she will look like in her daily life. Look at the collection of Natalie Dormer no makeup to discover the most amazing thing right now.

Be glamorous Natalie Dormer without makeup

We are seeing here no signals of makeup on our talented actress’s face. Natalie decides to refuse all the makeup methods just as she wants to be in her most natural appearance. However, we can’t stand looking at this beauty. Her blonde hairstyle, her white skin and her blue eyes, all make our girl be so impressive.

Her natural eyesight also let the actress be herself in the most comfortable way. Do you find out the beauty in this no-makeup look?

Natalie cosplaying as Margery Tyrell

The role Margery Tyrell is one of the most wonderful roles in the series of Games of Thrones.

Do you find it too familiar with this appearance? In the journey of coming back with her own famous role, Natalie chose no makeup. The picture of Natalie Dormer without makeup in Margery’s style has drawn us to the most memorable things. This is a very natural beauty where no lipstick is applied. After all, beauty is created by her own innocent look. Her light brown wavy hairstyle is something so attractive.

Shine with her simple style

In her very normal clothes, Natalie still receives much praise from the public when Natalie puts on no makeup. All the most beautiful things she picks up for her own appearance in this picture is her bun hairstyle, which makes her so outstanding.

In creepy “Forest” trailer

We keep on seeing many different images of Natalie Dormer without makeup and these are the picture of the pretty girls in the trailer of “The Forest”.

Natalie – Makeup or not?

Can you guess the answer to this popular question? Many people agree that we tend to get extremely different appearances if we choose no makeup instead of full makeup. However, admit it, ladies, it is right. The picture below is exactly the comparison between Natalie Dormer with and without makeup. You will rarely realize the difference as both the images are beautiful.

In the very first picture, you can see it is Natalie Dormer no makeup. There is nothing too different and strange as she still looks so attractive and beautiful. This refers to the beauty of her natural look.

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Be free on the street

Natalie is walking along the street. The famous actress likes simplicity in her daily like. Instead of having full makeup, Natalie is confident with her sporty style. A Natalie Dormer no makeup here is a very strong and gorgeous look.

What is her style in winter?

We believe that up to now, you will definitely no longer amazed at the beauty of Natalie Dormer no makeup. Her fashion style in the winter is also downright casual. A woolen cap and a shawl have brought a very perfect Natalie even when there is no makeup on her face.

Staying in bed

Natalie even does not hesitate to post her images of no makeup right when she is still in bed. This very natural look quickly attracts many people and we, of course, cannot deny her beauty.

Be like an athlete

The very last picture of Natalie Dormer without makeup we want to show you here is the moment when our celebrity is playing sport. We can see here a very strong look and Natalie is now full of energy, with her beautiful smile.

How do you feel about these pictures of Natalie Dormer no makeup? In fact, the famous actress always shines even when she is out with her bare face. Apostore hopes that through this collection, you will be more confident to be yourself. Further, don’t hesitate to tell us if you need more information about makeup, beauty or hairstyle. It is our great chance to be with you on the way to pursuit the perfect appearance.