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What is the origin of our hair?

All of our hair extensions is made of 100% human real hair. Our hair is Virgin human hair – no mix which is taken from Vietnamese long natural black hair. As it is human real hair, there is no way that we use chemical to process the hair. We also make sure there is no synthetic hair inside which can cause bad effects on your health.

Our hair is carefully chosen in Vietnam and then we export it to other countries in the world.

16 inch weave wavy hair

The reason why weave hair is always on list of favorite products of customers is that it is very neat and genuine. There is no place for tangle and mess. The secret is that all weave hair is weft 100% by machine with professional process.

Hair types and textures

In Apohair, we have quite many types of hair for our customers to choose. They are bulk hair, tape hair, machine weft hair and I-U-tip clip in hair extensions. Besides, some other types such as Lace closure and Full lace wigs are also the dream-hair of many people.

In addition to the hair type, the hair texture is very important when it comes to choose the right hair extensions. You can choose straight hair, curly hair or wavy hair as long as it makes you look gorgeous.

We also offer Color hair for you contributing to your perfect hair style. Color hair can have a great deal for you too. We now offer a lot of colors from black, brown, yellow, to blonde, mix color and ombre color. Besides, some other colors such as red or purple is also welcomed.

16 inch weave wavy hair

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How to Wash Bundles:

  1. Remove the hair from the pack and separate them
  2. Use preferably only conditioner but just to be sure that all the supposedly dirt and residue are off and no germs will be using your scalps as an incubator, a mild shampoo will be just fine too
  3. Use a moisturizing conditioner as this will keep the shine and sheen of the weave
  4. Place your weave in a bowl of cold water, squirt shampoo in your hands and rub all over the wet hair from tip to root
  5. Gently rub to massage the shampoo into the hair strands.