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You all must have heard about the name Mariah Carey. Well, she is one of those who are talented enough to be able to call themselves “diva”. One of the most incredible singers that have stepped foot into the music industry, next to Dianna Ross, Madonna, Whitney Houston, etc. The singer became really famous after her first album ‘Mariah Carey’ published in 1990, achieving her first platinum certificate. Not long after she published another 4 singles (‘Vision of Love’, ‘Someday’, ‘I Don’t Wanna Cry’ and ‘Love Takes Time’) which were on take the first position in US Billboard Hot 100. Not only talent but Mariah Carey is also known for her unreal beauty. Celebrating her upcoming 49th birthday, we would like to revisit all of her beautiful moments with Mariah Carey with no makeup.


The picture was taken way back to 2008 when the news about her marriage with Nick Cannon was all over the place. The news came out at the same time her movie ‘Precious’ was in progress, and she became extremely famous at that time. Thus, the picture of Mariah Carey with no makeup soon went viral as everyone was talking about her natural allure. It seems that she was having a healthy lifestyle back then that her skin looks absolutely healthy, and without eyeliner and mascara, Mariah looks much younger than her actual age.


Mariah seems to be very confident about her beautiful bare face as she does not at all afraid to show it. Once again, she went for her complete cosmetic-free face for her other movie ‘The Butler’. This time, she san the bang and opted for a less complicated hairstyle. For a woman in her forties, Mariah Carey’s skin still looked flawless. Again, abandoning eyeliner and false lashes made Mariah looked rather youthful.


Apart from movies, Mariah Carey has a lot of moments where she put on no makeup in real life. In fact, she has a lot of pictures of her makeup-free face. Wondering where to catch these pictures of Mariah Carey with no makeup? Then go to her Instagram and you will find tons of her no-makeup selfies, and they all are stunning. When it came to this type of picture, we could possibly think of this one immediately.


This is from her Instagram birthday post in 2013, and of course, people jazzed up because she looked magnificent in the picture. The beauty was all smiley with her hair pulled back into a bun and holding a stuffed lamb. She looked lovely with her radiant skin and blush covering all over her face. With her face not being covered in cosmetic, we can clearly see her dewy skin and her round dark eyes. We might have mentioned this a thousand time, but Mariah Carey with no makeup looks really youthful as a woman in her late forties.

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It is rare to find a celebrity that looks the same without makeup. Mariah Carey is definitely an exception. Even her previous husband Nick Cannon mentioned about how she didn’t even put on that much makeup as we thought. Mariah Carey herself knows she looks incredible even without makeup, that’s why she shows up in public with her no makeup look a lot. Her natural beauty is what distinguishes her to other celebrities. Besides, her radiant is literally what we are living for. She definitely inspired a lot of women to go makeup-free after all her no-makeup pictures were shared online.


It is not at all difficult to catch a picture of Mariah Carey without makeup. This picture was after her shopping and her outstanding figure was more than impressive to kill heartthrobs. Without her makeup, she still looked chic and powerful. She wore a tight long-sleeve shirt and a pair of dark green shorts with sunglasses covering her face, showing off her diva vibe. Her brownish orange hair was definitely the perfect choice for this look. This can be said as one of the most iconic moments of Mariah Carey with no makeup.


When you read this type of news, it might be that you are expecting some sort of shocking moment here (just kidding). But with Mariah Carey, this is basically just an appreciation post of how she looks so beautiful with her no makeup fresh face. The 48-year-old glows in every single picture with her toned-down makeup. Do you prefer Mariah Carey with no makeup to her full-on? Make sure to let us know under the comment section. Stay tuned for another post of celebrities without makeup.