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Hair is really important to our appearance. In Vietnam there is a saying:  ‘ Your hair makes who you are’, so you will never regret when you investing in your hair. 10 inch weave wavy hair will be your best partner to help you make deep impression in other.

Wavy hair is just appeared in recent time but it is soon becoming very popular. It is has the shape a wave. I can imagine how smooth it is when it flips through your hands. This post today will give more detail information about 10 inch weave wavy hair.

10 inch weave wavy hair

What should you pay attention about 10 inch weave wavy hair?

Firstly, you should know what the structure of weave hair is. It is look like a hair curtain. All you can see is that the remy hair is sewn together in the same direction and the stylist would stick this curtain into your root hair. Hair stretches to all place in the head so your thicker hair later would look very real and natural

10 inch in length will be the best choice for any girls who what to own a glorious and shining hair. Don’t underestimate your hair effect on your appearance. Once you wear 10 inch weave wavy hair, it will totally be different. Moreover, wavy hair always be the best hairstyle if you want to go for event. You can see it very clear with many Hollywood celebrities, they always look so luxurious and shinning with their wavy hair.

One feature that win customers’ trust is that weave hair from Apohair is that with the professional weft process by machine, there is no place left for tangles or mess. It look absolutely neat and genuine.

It is offered with many standards such as:

  • Single drawn quality type 1
  • Single drawn quality type 2
  • Double drawn quality type 1
  • Double drawn quality type 2

Now I will provide you some exceptional features of these previous standards. First is single drawn hair. You can easily own it with low price but you have to know that it is the collections of both long and short strands in the same bundle.

On the contrast with single drawn hair, Double drawn quality type 2 is a perfect hair that contains both same length in a bundle. And it look so natural, believe me.

You can also choose Single drawn quality type 2 or Double drawn quality type 1 .Both of them will never let you down with their high quality.

Remember that you can find many other types of hair extensions in Apohair like bulk hair, lace closure, frontal and full lace wigs.

Along with weave wavy, we also provide another textures of weave hair like weave wavy or straight. Feel free to choose.

About the hair colors, this is what you can find in our stock.

  • Dark shades: black, brown, light brown, ombre…
  • Bright shades: yellow, light yellow, blonde, highlight color and so on…

Besides, we sell our hair in many lengths, not only just 10 inches. It is varied from 8 inches to 32 inches.