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The fine hair or hair losing may be the biggest obstacle that makes your day so boring and long. Apohair brings for you 30 inch weave curly hair which will make you some surprising transformation. Pleased follow this post today, you will never regret.

30 inch weave curly hair is supplied by Apohair with a large amount each year. Customers around the world like to use 30 inch weave curly hair because of its high quality. Within more than 15 years working on hair supplying, we knows what customers need and we serve them with our heart.

Why can 30 inch weave hair light up your day?

30 inch weave curly hair which is one of the longest weave curly hair in length will reach to your hip. You will own a gorgeous hair that cover all your back. Let’s think that you and your long and think hair will melt people hearts.

Weave now become very popular with modern girls and there are some reasons for that. Firstly, its structure is basically simple. It is like a curtain when you stretch it out, but its function is actually more amazing than a normal curtain. Secondly, it is easier for you to contribute hair to all your head.

There are many brands in the world that distribute 30 inch weave hair, but the brands which supplied virgin hair extensions are very small number. Hair from Apohair is 100 % from virgin hair, and weave hair is weft careful with the most professional mashine.

Why we call virgin hair?

‘Virgin’ is the word that refers to unprocessed and intact hair. Virgin hair nearly keep all the natural features of real hair, all the strands are running in the same direction.

We always collect virgin hair for numbers of reasons:

  • Virgin hair lasts much longer than non-remy hair, it can last up to a year with proper care and maintenance.
  • Virgin hair always keep the smooth, tangle free beautiful natural looking hair.
  • Virgin hair can be dyed and bleached as you want.

Everyday is a new chance to shine and to do everything in life. 30 inch weave hair will be your best partner to make your day more beautiful and worthier to live, because the transformation it makes for your appearance is really amazing.

Contact us right now to change yourself.