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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), known professionally as Lady Gaga, is a woman of many talents. She gains her reputation as an American pop singer, songwriter and a potential actress. Lady Gaga is one of the biggest pop icons of our time with lots of melodic albums and her mind-blowing stage performances. This has led her to travel all over the world and every stage she steps on. There is no doubt that makeup allows her to step into the character that is about to portray through the song. She has never been ashamed of dolling herself up with vivid eyeliner and her trademark deep shades of lipstick. Therefore, millions of viewers could be wonder how does Lady Gaga look below that pile of makeup?

The fact is that she’s absolutely alluring and stunning without a drop of makeup. If we compare to the first decade of her career, Lady Gaga’s makeup looks have been more natural especially on awards-show red carpets. Although her fans are getting used to seeing their idol looking a little more pared down, it still seems to be overwhelming to see how great her skin looks. This article will show some without makeup pictures of Lady Gaga to demonstrate her barefaced beauty.

“A star is born”


This minimalistic photo was posted on Instagram by Lady Gaga with the hashtag #AStarIsBorn. “A star is born” is the name of Gaga’s forthcoming feature film with Bradley Cooper in which she plays a role as an unknown country singer on the rise. When we watch the trailer for the film, the thing which impresses viewers is her brown hair and her makeup. Her makeup is much more natural than we’re used to seeing. Perhaps this fresh-faced Gaga is her new look for the film, we can’t deny that she looks literally impressive.  After posting this photo on social media, Lady Gaga received plenty of positive comments, saying things like, “Your best look without a doubt… more natural and beautiful!” or “I love your normal pictures. You are a wonderful woman with a very very sweet face.”

Oscars’ preparation

On February 28th, Lady Gaga posted a photo of herself wearing nothing but white towels. She wrote that Tiffanyandco let her wear their iconic, 141-year-old Tiffany diamond on Academy Awards ceremony for Best Original Song. She also said that it was her honor to wear it because the last person to wear this was Audrey Hepburn while promoting Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In spite of having more than 128 carats diamonds around her neck in the picture, Lady Gaga makes us surprised because of her face without any makeup. The natural freckles seem to make our diva more charming with her light pink glow skin. “So gorgeous. Love you” or “The freaking natural beauty is just so pure” were supportive comments that viewers sent to Lady Gaga.

Day begins

If you usually follow Lady Gaga, you will find that most of her bare-faced pictures were taken by herself. Even she was in her bed and just woke up, she can take a selfie. And the photo speaks for her. Without makeup, she looks quite amazing and adorable with a neat bun. Lady Gaga wants to send her message to all women that they should be confident with the pictures of themselves whenever they are.

Buddy  Time


Perhaps you can occasionally see Lady Gaga without wearing any makeup on. Actually, if you follow her on Instagram, you will see a lot of bare-faced picture on her posts. Although Lady Gaga is a world-renowned celebrity with lots of busy schedules, she still spends her free time for her friends and relatives. Compared to her glorious makeup and clothes on the stages, she comes back with casual outfits and a fresh face. This no makeup picture of Gaga reveals hat how beautiful this woman is actually.

The Bare-Faced Singer


Different from her fabulous picture on the stage, she often wears no makeup when she is working. As you may don’t know, Lady Gaga is a vivid reader and she writes most of the song lyrics by herself. Once she shared that she used to write poetry at school. Hence, that’s why she can write a lot of songs. The singer seems so relax listening to music while flaunting her flawless skin and dark hair.